Aneet Kapoor bio

Name: Aneet Kapoor
Role: Locality Lead for Rochdale
Qualified: MPharm (Hons)
Represents: Independent


About Aneet:

Aneet is a community pharmacist by background and has been involved in LPC work for eight years. He has been involved in many different leadership roles, including leading the merger of six of the seven LPCs in GM in 2016 as well as setting up the Greater Manchester Pharmacy provider company CHL.

Developing the role of Community Pharmacy, and the services it provides, remain his passion. Being an Independent prescriber himself, Aneet understands the complexities of the role, and works tirelessly to maximise the skills of Community Pharmacists in Primary Care.

In November 2020, Aneet was nominated to be part of the Review Steering Group (RSG), which is a national group of pharmacy representatives who oversee work progress to strengthen Community Pharmacy contractor support and representation. You can read more about the RSG here.

“I’d like to see a more service-focused approach to the role of Community Pharmacy, but this isn’t going to be an easy transition because we’ve been a supply-based model for so long. Ultimately it’s about creating a more coordinated approach through having one voice for Community Pharmacy, which is necessary in ensuring patients and other healthcare services know what we have to offer in Greater Manchester”.

Areas of special interest / expertise:

  • Strategic leadership

Other relevant roles:

  • Primary Care Advisory Group (Greater Manchester)