Jennie Watson bio

Name: Jennie Watson  jennie-web
Role: Locality Lead for Manchester
Qualified: BSc (Pharmacy)(Hons), Brighton Polytechnic, 1988; PG Dip (Comm Pharmacy), University of Bradford, 1998; PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Central Lancashire, 2013
Represents: CCA


About Jennie:

Jennie is the Locality Lead for Manchester and has experience working in a variety of store and field-based management roles for Boots.

As well as her role as a Committee Member for GMLPC, Jennie is also a Board Member for Greater Manchester Healthcare Academy (GHMCA) and spends two days a week based at the University of Central Lancashire as a Teacher Practitioner.

Jennie has been on several LPCs in Greater Manchester over the last 20 years, and uses her expert knowledge of workforce development to support the development of Boots’ healthcare teams.

“I see my role as building the links locally within the NHS in Manchester to ensure as many people as possible understand what we do in pharmacy. This will help us grow our businesses by supporting patients in different ways.

 As an LPC representative, I can try to influence local parts of the NHS to reduce the impact of things that adversely affect contractors, such as frequent prescribing changes”

Areas of special interest / expertise:

  • Education workforce
  • Workforce development

Other relevant roles:

  • Great Manchester Healthcare Academy Board member