Mohamed Patel bio

Name: Mohamed Patelmohamed-p-web
Role: Locality Lead for Salford
Qualified: BSc (Hons) Pharmacy, Liverpool John Moores University, 1997. MRPharmS
Represents: Independent
Contact:; 07958 428754

About Mohamed:

Over the last 15 years, Mohamed has established a chain of pharmacies with over 100 employees. His experience over the last 15 years has enabled him to develop and refine skills in all aspects of business management and effective leadership, which has allowed him to succeed in a highly competitive and dynamic industry. In the five years prior to the creation of Greater Manchester LPC, Mohamed was an LPC member for Bolton, Wigan, Manchester and Bury.

Areas of special interest / expertise:

  • Project management
  • Risk management process and analysis
  • Financial projection and management

Other relevant roles

  • Bolton LPC
  • AAH Customer Advisory Boards
  • Member of Royal Pharmaceutical Society