Mubasher Ali bio

Name: Mubasher Ali
Role: Vice-Chair
Qualified: MPharm; MRPharmS
Represents: CCA


About Mubasher:

Mubasher is a Board Member and HR Lead for Greater Manchester LPC. In addition to his roles at the LPC, Mubasher is also the Regional Pharmacy Manager for Boots UK, across Central England, which spans numerous geographical NHS and CCG boundaries, covering over 300 pharmacies.

Mubasher has been active across multiple LPC’s across the North-West, and was a member of Community Pharmacy Greater Manchester (CPGM). He has a wealth of experience working in a variety of different roles across a plethora of pharmacy environments, focusing on areas around patient outcomes and professional services, such as integrated medicines optimisation, and pharmacy development.

Mubasher has held a multitude of roles in the past that encompass all aspects of current Pharmacy Practice and Future Strategic direction, including Clinical Pharmacist Roles, Management Roles, Area Roles, Regional Roles, Pharmacist Development Roles, and External Healthcare Roles.

Mubasher’s special areas of interest include Human Resources (HR) and commercial services, and his passion centres around working with contractors and wider NHS stakeholders to improve the understanding of what pharmacy has to offer as a sector.

“As a result of the pandemic, our patients, as well as the wider NHS , are now realising the critical primary care role that community pharmacy plays in supporting a better and healthier life within our communities. We need to continue showcasing our expertise and work with our stakeholders to ensure Community Pharmacy becomes an integral part of the wider healthcare system and be involved in the innovation of future primary care services’’