Peter Marks bio

Name: Peter Marks  peter-web
Role: Stockport Locality
Qualified: BSc (Hons) Pharmacy, Liverpool Polytechnic, 1979
Represents: AIMp

About Peter:

Peter was chairman of Stockport LPC until the merger of the GM LPCs into the Greater Manchester LPC. He was also a founder member and former Chair of Community Pharmacy Greater Manchester. Peter is involved with several boards/groups of Stockport CCG and is currently working on high-level system redesign initiatives connected with Stockport’s vanguard status and NHS England.

Peter has been involved with the corporate delivery of healthcare for many years, starting as a non-executive director of Stockport Health Authority. He was a member of the professional executive committee of Stockport PCT from its inception.

Since selling the four community pharmacies he owned in Greater Manchester, Peter continues to work for one day a week in Peak Pharmacy, Heald Green.

Areas of special interest / expertise:

  • Leadership
  • System redesign
  • Diabetes
  • Inhaler technique improvement

Other relevant roles:

  • PCN lead for the Cheadle PCN in Stockport
  • Chairman and board member of CHL (Community Pharmacy Greater Manchester Healthcare)
  • Member of GMMMG (Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group)
  • Member of RMOC North (Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee)
  • Lead on the Greater Manchester adult inhaler initiative
  • Lead on a pilot to improve the asthma of children in schools across Greater Manchester