Committee Meetings

GMLPC Meeting Dates

We publish the dates and agendas of our committee meetings here. Minutes are published once they have been approved at a subsequent committee meeting. We also produce a news update after each committee meeting – you can view these under Reports. Our meetings take place on the third Wednesday of January, March, May, July and November, with additional meetings in other months where required.

Briefing for contractors attending GMLPC meetings

GMLPC contractors are welcome to attend the open part of our committee meetings, provided they follow the guidance in this briefing.


  • Wednesday 15th January: agenda; minutes
  • Wednesday 18th March: agenda; minutes
  • Tuesday 5th May: agenda; minutes
  • Wednesday 20th May: agenda; minutes
  • Tuesday 23rd June : agenda; minutes
  • Wednesday 22nd July : agenda; minutes


  • Wednesday 20th November: agenda; minutes
  • Wednesday 18th September: agenda; minutes
  • Wednesday 17th July: agenda; minutes
  • Wednesday 15th May:agenda; Minutes
  • Wednesday 26th March: agenda; Minutes
  • Wednesday 16th January: agenda; no minutes were taken as this was a workshop




Some of the former LPCs published minutes from their previous meetings on their websites. You can access them here: