Guidance for contractors attending GMLPC committee meetings

Briefing for contractors attending GMLPC Meetings

Contractors who would like to attend the open part of our committee meetings should read this guidance carefully.

  • Contractors are welcome to attend our committee meetings as observers. Please let us know 48 hours in advance if you intend to attend, so we can make arrangements with the venue and ensure you have access. Please email
  • Be aware there will be closed, confidential sessions as part of the meeting during which contractors are not allowed to be present. Please check the agenda timings beforehand.
  • The GMLPC Chair or a member of the team will direct seating arrangements. Observers will generally be seated around the outside of the room. This may vary slightly, depending on the location.
  • Any contractor wishing to raise a point at the meeting must submit it 48 hours in advance by email to The Chair / GMLPC team will contact the contractor to discuss it and agree timings for any item and any address to the committee by an observer.