Changes to Gluten Free Prescribing and Do not Prescribe policies in Trafford

As you are aware NHS Trafford CCG has a financial recovery plan in place to meet the £23m deficit it faces. As part of the financial recovery a number of difficult decisions relating to prescribing have been taken, including stopping the funding of all Gluten Free foods on prescription.

This decision was made by Governing Body in March of this year following an NHS England consultation and subsequent local engagement in Trafford.

Since the decision, the CCG Medicines Optimisation and Patient Experience Matters teams have been working to produce a commissioning policy which reflects the decision in addition to engaging with Trafford residents around the implementation of the policy with supporting materials. This commissioning policy, together with the associated commissioning statement and Patient Information leaflet is attached, with the commissioning statement on GF foods being shown on the CCG website.

To support the implementation of this change at practice level, Medicines Optimisation support has been commissioned from the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit, (MLCSU), who have supported other CCGs with this and other pieces of work. The MLCSU team will be commencing work shortly in GP practices to make the changes necessary to patients’ medication and as part of this will make contact with your pharmacy.

In addition, we have attached the Do Not Prescribe policy, linked to items considered to be of low clinical value and those within the GM Do Not Prescribe List. Again the MLCSU will support a review of these patients with recommendations being made around alternative therapies if appropriate.

Over the next few months a Self-Care Policy (Over the Counter medicines) and commissioning statement, with supporting documentation will also be made available to practices and other stakeholders to support the implementation of this policy in Trafford.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Medicines Optimisation Team on 0161 873 6056. If you have further comments, queries or are unhappy with the response received, please contact Patient Experience Matters at: 0161 873 9577 or email:

Supporting Documents can be found here:

GF Prescribing Policy

GF patient information sheet

GF patient letter

Wording to introduce Gluten Free policy on the internet

Do Not Prescribe Policy

Low Value Medicines part 1 Blacklist items Oct18

Low Value Medicines part 2 July Oct18