Healthwatch Manchester is the independent consumer champion created to listen and gather the public and patient’s experiences of using local health and social care services. This includes services like GPs, pharmacists, hospitals, dentists, care homes and community based care; giving people a powerful voice locally and nationally.

Emerging from the Health and Social Care Act 2012, local Healthwatches were set up in every local authority area to help put patients and the public at the heart of service delivery and improvement across the NHS and care services.

Every voice counts – Healthwatch Manchester ensures the public voice is heard by those who commission, design and deliver health and social care services to make them better, now and in the future.

Working with relevant bodies like the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we can take action to investigate or undertake a review of services using authoritative, evidence-based feedback instigated by concerns that are bought to our attention. We also have a seat on Manchester’s Health and Wellbeing Board, where we work to ensure the views and experiences of service users are at the heart of decision making.

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Healthwatch Reports

COVID-19: Three Communities (Sept 2020)

This report displays the findings from an investigation launched by Healthwatch Manchester of the effectiveness of Covid-19 safety information for people from disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.

In section 4.12, pharmacy is acknowledged as the most common healthcare service used during the pandemic, with an overwhelming majority being satisfied with the quality of service they received.

This is further highlighted in the recommendations that describes pharmacy as a “key point of contact..that should be acknowledged and resourced as a provider and outlet of accessible information to disadvantaged communities” (p1).

Read the full report here.