Oldham Services

In the event that your pharmacy needs to suspend the delivery of locally commissioned services due to closures (either planned, unplanned or partial closures) contractors are responsible for notifying the commissioner.

Oldham Locally Commissioned Services:


Oldham CCG Out of Season Antiviral Flu Arrangement

Asymptomatic Testing

A further opportunity has been made available for contractors to apply to deliver the Community Testing Programme.The new round has been published on The Chest Portal with a deadline for submission of the 25th March 2021 at 12pm.Oldham Council will be holding an engagement and tender guidance session on Monday 22nd March 2-4pm, to support with any questions you may have with regards to the process.The invitation including guidance on how to register for the event can be found here – Final Tender Guidance event 2 invitation

Tendering Process & How to Access the Opportunity 

Details of the tender can be found on The Chest – https://www.the-chest.org.uk/

You must be registered on The Chest to access and submit the application documents, if you have not previously registered, contractors can set up as a new supplier at  https://procontract.due-north.com/.

The tender framework being adopted is a ‘Dynamic Purchasing System’ which means the commissioner can accept multiple providers and can extend the provision period flexibly without going back out to tender.


The timescales are tight with a 15-day turnaround.

  •  Monday 15th February – Tender documents will be uploaded to The Chest
  • Monday 15th February – Wednesday 3rd March – Opportunity for clarifications to be raised via The Chest
  • Wednesday 3rd March 12pm – Deadline for submission


  • Wednesday 3rd March – Wednesday 10th March – Tenders evaluation
  • Monday 15th March – Wednesday 31st March – Contract implementation
  • Thursday 1st April – New contract commences

Supporting Documents

The following documents are available on The Chest public domain and may support contractors to make an informed decision before applying:

Annex C Exclusion Grounds – Grounds for exclusion from the tender process

NHS Test and Trace Staff Testing

SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

The following clarifications have been confirmed for all bidders:

TUPE is not involved in the tender.

Tests are free of charge to providers with PPE supplied. Oldham council will deliver to provider sites.

Weekly activity report required of volume of tests only.

Monthly invoicing required – electronic preferable.

£10 per test

No cap on the number of tests

CHL has also kindly put together the following documents to support contractors with this process:

Pharmacy Setup Checklist

Oldham Asymptomatic Covid Testing Process 

Further information on the service model, fees, and training can be found here – Oldham Community Testing Programme – Summary 25.02.21


If you have any queries with regards to the above, please contact enquiries@gmlpc.org.uk

Sexual Health Services

Emergency Hormone Contraception (EHC)

Service Specification – 01/04/2021-31/03/2022

Levonorgestrel PGD v5 -28/06/2021-27/06/2023

The commissioner has confirmed that the chlamydia service has currently been suspended whilst the provider is reviewed. Signposting information is available within the updated service specification.

Doxycycline PGD – 07/01/2021-06/01/2023

Azithromycin PGD– 07/01/2021-06/01/2023


Supporting Documents

Service Information Letter – April 2021

Service Information Letter – October 2019


Key Contact

Andrea Entwistle Public Health Business and Strategy Manager Oldham Council Level 4, Civic Centre West Street Oldham, OL1 1UG*
Telephone: 0161 770 3386
Email: andrea.entwistle@oldham.gov.uk

Substance Misuse Services

Supervised Consumption

Service Level Agreement – 01/04/18 – 31/03/21

Service Specification – 01/04/18 – 31/03/21

The commissioner has provided updated specifications and SLAs for supervised consumption and needle and syringe exchange to cover provision until April 2022, these are currently under review by GMLPC.

Supporting Documents

Pharmacy letter ROAR May 2018

LPC contact details March 2020 ——

COVID-19 Updates

Covid19 Community Pharmacy Contingency Plan March 2020

Pharmacy Factsheet COVID-19

Confirmation of fees—-

Supervised consumption payments for pharmacies -Oct 2020

Key Contact

Taskeel Khan – Turning Point Standon House, 21 Mansell St, London, E1 8AA
Email: taskeel.khan@turning-point.co.uk

Needle and Syringe Exchange

Service Level Agreement – 01/04/18 – 31/03/21

Service Specification – 01/04/18 – 31/03/21

The commissioner has provided updated specifications and SLAs for supervised consumption and needle and syringe exchange to cover provision until April 2022, these are currently under review by GMLPC.

Supporting Documents

Pharmacy letter ROAR May 2018

Key Contact

Taskeel Khan – Turning Point Standon House, 21 Mansell St, London, E1 8AA
Email: taskeel.khan@turning-point.co.uk

Alcohol Services

Currently not commissioned in this locality

Stop Smoking Services

Smoking Cessation- CURE Pilot

Update July 2021

NHSE/I have provided the below update with regards to the smoking cessation pilot, contractors participating will receive a copy of the below comms via NHS mail;

The Pharmacy Integration funded smoking cessation pilot work that commenced in Oldham in November 2020 has continued during the covid-19 pandemic. There is a requirement to collect more data and extend the pilots into additional locations.

We will extend the SLAs with all the pharmacies in the smoking pilots to the end of January 2022 and will update the documents on the NHS BSA website. It will be assumed that those pharmacies participating in the pilots will continue to provide the service unless they decide to opt-out.

More information will follow soon about the ongoing evaluation and the support that NHSEI will be providing going forwards for all pilot sites in recognition of the ongoing pilot.

Thank you to all pharmacy teams and pilot sites for their continuing participation and involvement in this important service.

NRT Voucher Scheme

Currently not commissioned in this locality

Champix PGD

Currently not commissioned in this locality

End of Life Services

Palliative Care Stock Holding & Out of Hours

Service Specification – including Anti-viral stockholding PSD– 20/04/2020 – 31/03/2021

Service Specification Extension letter -31/03/2021-31/3/2022

Oldham CCG have now confirmed that Tier 2 of the palliative care service has been extended until 31st March 2022, the tier 1 stockholding service is also commissioned until 31st March 2022.

Those who are also providers of the Tier 3 OOH service have been contacted separately to confirm that this has also been extended for 6 months, and a new updated rota has been shared however Oldham CCG have confirmed that they will not be extending the Tier 3 Out Of Hours Service beyond the current end date of 31st July 2021. This service will therefore cease on 31st July 2021 when the current rota ends.

Nigel Dunkerley from Oldham CCG has said that:

“Unfortunately we won’t be able to renew the contract for this aspect of the provision as we haven’t needed to use it since it started just over 12 months ago.

The pharmacies have been absolutely fantastic in their support for us and their approach to the service provision has been exemplary. I personally, and the CCG generally, are grateful to have such wonderful colleagues.”


Minor Ailments Services

Eye Condition Services

Covid-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES)

Supporting Documents

CUES Service Summary One Pager

CUES Practice list Oldham September 2020

PE UES Poster AW 1

PE UES Poster AW 1b practice poster

PE UES Poster AW 2

PE UES Poster AW 2b practice poster

Urgent Eyecare Service Leaflet

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CUES (COVID-19 Urgent Eye Care Service) was launched to support the pandemic. This service now supersedes the Minor Eye Condition Service (MECS)

The CUES is an extended version of the MECS service which allows remote consultation and uses IT capability to provide a digital service. In some areas, an Independent prescriber may be used to prescribe medicines for the patient.

For further details please refer to the service summary, available here

Where a medicine is required, Pharmacies will directly be supplying or selling (where appropriate), “Pharmacy only” (P) medicines and General Sales List (GSL) medicines, and the following POMs: chloramphenicol, cyclopentolate hydrochloride, fusidic acid and tropicamide.

In these new CUES areas, patients will be provided with a private written order for purchase items over the counter or access the Minor Ailment Service (MAS) in areas where the MAS is commissioned.

For further information click here

Minor Eye Conditions NHS Community Dispensing Service (MECS )

Currently not commissioned in this locality

NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check programme was placed on hold for 2020/21 and is currently under review.

GMLPC will ensure contractors are kept updated once the programme review has been completed.


NOTE: If you would like information/advice about how to get commissioned to provide an advanced or local enhanced service, contact us on 0161 228 6163 or via enquiries@gmlpc.org.uk.