Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Greater Manchester LPC is delighted to announce that we have now successfully appointed all 58 Community Pharmacy Primary Care Network Leads!

As of Monday 3rd February 2020, your pharmacy and Community Pharmacy PCN Leads can claim the Primary Care Network domain for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme.

A complete list of the Community Pharmacy PCN Leads across Greater Manchester is available here: GMLPC – Community Pharmacy PCN Lead Information – FINAL

If you require the contact details of your PCN Lead please email:


Next Steps – Claiming the Primary Care Network domain for Pharmacy Quality Scheme:

  1. Meeting this domain is worth:
    • 12.5 points (a minimum value of £800) for a non-Pharmacy PCN Lead; or
    • 12.5 points plus 10 extra points (a minimum value of £1,440) for a Pharmacy PCN Lead.
  2. You should have received an email to your shared NHSmail account via the PCN email hub set up by the LPC. To support contractors to achieve the PCN domain we have sent a ‘PCN Information Sheet’ stating the name of your PCN Lead, their pharmacy name and their pharmacy ODS code. We strongly advise that you ‘reply all’ to this email to form evidence that you are actively engaging with your PCN. This would form part of your evidence in the event that NHSBSA want to verify your engagement.
  3. The Pharmacy PCN Lead must declare: that they are the appointed Pharmacy Lead for that PCN; the name of the PCN; that they have notified this to the LPC in which the PCN lies; and that they have evidence of having started the engagement process with the PCN.

GMLPC have been working closely with colleagues at Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and have agreed to facilitate the introduction between the Clinical Director and Community Pharmacy PCN Lead. As the PQS declaration window opens from Monday 3 February 2020, NHS England & Improvement are happy to accept the confirmed introductory communication that has been agreed with the Primary Care Provider Board as sufficient for pharmacy contractors to declare achievement of this element of the PQS.


Further Information

The NHS Long Term Plan (2019) set out an ambition for the creation of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across England. PCNs will see groups of GP practices coming together to serve a population of around 30,000-50,000 people. They will work closely with other healthcare professionals and providers and there is real scope for community pharmacies to play a key role. PCNs will be small enough to provide personalised care but large enough for economies of scale.

GMLPC has been campaigning for community pharmacies to be fully involved with Primary Care Networks (PCNs). We gave a presentation on this at a national NHS England event on 13th March 2019 for GPs, commissioners and others with an interest in PCNs. Our slides explain what community pharmacies can offer PCNs and how they can get involved. They include examples of the work we have been doing to make sure Greater Manchester pharmacies are involved in the PCNs being created in each locality in Greater Manchester.

Find out more:

GMLPC Briefings

Further updates on PCNs will be available weekly on our CPCF, PQS and PCN Newsletter which can be found here.

GMLPC Events

  • As part of our ongoing support to our Community Pharmacy Contractors in Greater Manchester, GMLPC hosted a number of events regarding the emerging Primary Care Networks & neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester  – Locality Events Flyer
  • The GMLPC AGM taking place on 29th September 2019 focused on Primary Care Networks – 2019 AGM Flyer