This section contains information specific to the Salford locality, including locally-commissioned services, the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment, local health profile (compared with national public health data), Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the locality plan.

GMLPC Salford Locality Lead

Raj Patel

Salford news & alerts

Rollout of PharmOutcomes

Salford City Council has announced the introduction of PharmOutcomes for locally-commissioned services. This letter explains more.

Public health locally commissioned services in 2017/18

Pharmacies can extend their contracts to provide public health locally commissioned services in 2017/18. Pharmacies that wish to provide these services need to respond to Salford by 31st March 2017 confirming they agree to provide them. This letter explains what you need to do. Pharmacies that did not provide the services in 2016/17 or that want to provide additional services in 2017/18 can do so.

One You public health campaign

Salford City Council is asking pharmacies to promote the One You public health campaign, which encourages people to make lifestyle changes that will help them live longer, healthier lives. It is the first pharmacy health promotion campaign of 2017 for the Salford area and participation helps fulfil your terms of service and the requirement to deliver specified public health campaigns each year. You can order resources by calling 0300 123 1019 from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday. Download this flyer for more information.

Local commissioners

Salford CCG

Salford City Council

Useful signposting link – Salford CCG Your Health