ERD Updated Guidance and Resources

ERD Updated Guidance and Resources

September 21, 2021

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) was introduced in July 2009 as a method of dispensing prescriptions electronically. As an increasing number of areas move towards eRD, GMLPC have collated useful information and a number of resources to help contractors.

Under the repeat dispensing service pharmacy teams should:

  • dispense repeat dispensing prescriptions issued by a GP;
  • ensure that each repeat supply is required; and
  • seek to ascertain that there is no reason why the patient should be referred back to their GP.

Read more about the Electronic Repeat Dispensing service

As part of the preparations to prioritise work and help manage an increased pressure on the health service as a result of the COVID pandemic, NHS England and NHS Improvement are advising that practices should consider putting all suitable patients on electronic repeat dispensing as soon as possible.

The NHS BSA and NHS Digital have also published a range of resources of pharmacy teams and their patients.

NHS Digital resources

NHSBSA resources

PSNC have also produced a factsheet for pharmacy teams in relation to eRD

PSNC Briefing 004/17: eRepeat Dispensing – A factsheet for pharmacy teams (January 2017)
One side of this briefing contains key phrases to help advise patients on the benefits of eRD, whilst the other side provides a list of questions to ask patients collecting a repeat dispensing/eRD prescription.

A collection of further PSNC and other resources can be found here 

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