GM Care Record – Public Communications Campaign

GM Care Record – Public Communications Campaign

July 30, 2021

The GM Care Record is a new, vital digital resource for our city region’s 2.8m citizens, that is being used to help improve health and care services and save lives. But what does that mean for you? It means that wherever you receive care across our 10 boroughs, whether it be for a routine appointment or emergency treatment, healthcare professionals can deliver the safest and most effective care for you, without you having to repeat your story.

Thanks to this joined up approach to patient care, GPs, doctors, nurses and care practitioners will be able to securely access the most essential health and care information. The more they know about your health and care needs, the more effective care and treatment they can provide, from avoiding allergies, to knowing your care wishes to accessing blood test results.

In  March this year, frontline health and care workers accessed the GM Care Record over 10,000 times in a single month. On average, that meant 659 people per day benefitted from a more joined up and better connected approach to healthcare. Find out more about the benefits of the GM Care Record to your individual care.

“I picked up that a patient had suffered an adverse drug reaction to a drug we prescribe that we had no idea about as it was reviewed at Salford. I noticed the letter when I was checking a patient’s bloods on the GMCR. This led to the patient’s clinic appointment being brought forward to review his therapy – so had a massive impact on patient care.”

Infectious disease Pharmacist Manchester Royal Infirmary

The Campaign

Working closely with GM partners, the GM Health and Social Care Partnership and Health Innovation Manchester are developing the GMCR to ensure it provides professionals with the information they need to provide the best care and treatment.

The campaign is targeted at residents and patients, and aims to raise awareness of the GMCR through showcasing the benefits in direct care and in wider healthcare
research and planning. There is also a campaign toolkit of communications materials for you to use to ensure that people are fully aware of the
GMCR. Please use these on your websites, social media and in other communications channels.

Access the campaign toolkit here

The campaign website can be found here.

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