GMLPC/PSNC Newsletter Summaries 16/4/2021

GMLPC/PSNC Newsletter Summaries 16/4/2021

April 16, 2021

GMLPC Newsletters

Monday Memo: Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) 12/04/21 – Click here.

PQS Part 2 Survey for PCN Leads – 14th April

30th June deadline reminder

PQS Part 2 Overview and FAQ’s

PQS Part 2 Weekly Breakdown

GMLPC Recap of 5 Domains

Further Guidance and Resources

Wednesday Newsletter 14/04/21 – Click here.

National Updates

  • PSNC PQS Part 2 Survey (action required)
    •  Covid-19 – Vacc Sites EOI (action required)
    •  Pharmacy Collect (actions required)
    •  GP CPCS Webinars (action required)
    • HEE Workforce Survey (action required)

Locality Updates

  • Trafford – EHC
    • Salford and Trafford – Needle Exchange EOI (action required)
    •  Ask for ANI Scheme (action required)
    •  Previous Locality Updates

Education and Training

  • New Training – HIV Webinar; COVID Vaccination, Yellow Card Champions
    • Training Reminders (action required)

Covid-19 Resources

  • New Updates – Translated Resources; AztraZeneca Guidance; Vaccine Reporting
    •  Previous Updates

Drug Notifications

Previous Updates

PSNC Daily Updates 

Daily Update 15/04/21 – click here.

  • C-19 test distribution service: clarification of data submission
  • Pharmacist and GP collaboration study
  • Cancer communication e-learning

Daily Update 14/04/21 – click here.

  • Data submission for the C-19 test distribution service
  • Pneumovax 23 PFS supply update
  • Free PPE scheme extended
  • Oxford/AZ patient vaccine study

Daily Update 13/04/21 – click here.

  • C-19 therapeutic alert
  • Call for more pharmacies to become C-19 vac sites
  • MURs removed from NHS website
  • Ramadan C-19 resources for pharmacy teams

 Daily Update 12/04/21 – click here.

  • HEE workforce survey
  • PCN Leads survey
  • April DND list additions
  • Medicine Supply Notifications


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