Increasing Flu Uptake Across Greater Manchester

Increasing Flu Uptake Across Greater Manchester

January 22, 2021

GMLPC have had sight of national data outlining the uptake of flu vaccinations across Greater Manchester.

The data indicates that there is a low uptake in both at risk patients between the ages of 6 months and 64 years and pregnant women, with some areas showing a completion rate of as low as 30% for these groups.

This information clearly highlights a key opportunity for Community Pharmacy to support with maximising the uptake for these vulnerable patients.

NHSE/I have already sent out a letter to 6.1 million 50-64 year olds who have not yet been vaccinated, to encourage them to arrange their appointment via community pharmacy or GPs. We are hopeful that this communication will prompt an increase in requests.

To best support the agenda in your local area, we advise you to make contact with your local GP surgeries to encourage them to signpost eligible patients where possible.

In anticipation of being offered the COVID-19 vaccine,  patients should be informed that there only needs to be a 7 day gap between the flu and COVID-19 vaccine.

We also remind you that there is a full range of promotional materials available on the PHE campaign resource centre which can be used to advertise in store.

If any further support is required, please let us know.

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