Mary Robinson MP visits Pharmacy One in Cheadle

Mary Robinson MP visits Pharmacy One in Cheadle

July 31, 2019

On Friday 22nd July 2019, Cheadle MP Mary Robinson visited Pharmacy One in Heald Green, Cheadle to discuss the importance of using your local pharmacist and see the increasing range of services being offered from community pharmacies.

(Photo: Mary Robinson MP with Vimal Mistry from Pharmacy One and Bruce Prentice, committee member for GMLPC.)

Mary was welcomed to the pharmacy by pharmacist and owner Vimal Mistry and Bruce Prentice, committee member of GMLPC. Mary, Vim and Bruce were able to discuss the challenges of running a high street business. The visit gave Mary an opportunity to see the dedication and drive to ensure that small independent community pharmacies retain a place on our high street while keeping up to date with how healthcare is developing across GM.

Commenting on the visit, Mary Robinson said: “I’ve always taken a good interest in how community pharmacy is developing. With the recent announcement of a new funding agreement for community pharmacists in England I will be pressing the case that pharmacist skills are utilised to the maximum and that as many new services as possible are offered across the whole of Greater Manchester.”

Local pharmacist Vim explained how the range of local services has been expanded in recent years to include healthy living advice, vaccination services, and being able to provide patients with emergency supplies of medicines. Vim said: “Pharmacies can do a lot more and can take pressure off GPs and other parts of the health service. Given the choice, most people would much rather go to their local pharmacy than a hospital. That’s why I’m confident that community pharmacies like ours can help improve our health care system”.

Bruce Prentice from GMLPC said: “Mary really saw the real potential for using our community pharmacy network to help bring about enhancements in primary care services in Greater Manchester so that we play a full and expanding role in delivering health care.”

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