Medicines shortages: useful tools

Medicines shortages: useful tools

December 21, 2017

The final price concessions for items dispensed in November have now been published. The list was what not we were hoping for and we would strongly encourage contractors to continue reporting issues to PSNC via the links at the bottom right-hand corner of their website ( PSNC need extensive, robust evidence of the problems this is causing pharmacies and patients for negotiations with the Department of Health.

If a contractor has a particular hardship or piece of evidence to share, beyond what can be recorded by the PSNC website, please email us via this link and we will engage PSNC’s North West Regional Representative to make the case centrally.

Information for patients/customers

Pharmacies may find this information sheet helpful when advising patients about medication shortages or changes due to the ongoing issues with supply. It explains why medication may look different or why pharmacies may not have been able to obtain medicines as usual.

Information for local prescribers and medicines groups

We have produced a briefing note for CCGs, local medical committees (LMCs), and medicines management.

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