NHS Service Finder – Useful Resources

NHS Service Finder – Useful Resources

March 2, 2021

The NHS Service Finder is a free online search tool which provides access to information from the Directory of Services (DoS) and nhs.uk.

The service finder allows pharmacy team members and other healthcare professionals to search for service information quickly, allowing a patient to be signposted to the most appropriate service for their needs. It also enables you to look-up non-public telephone numbers (where available) for listed services, such as general practices.

This tool is currently not available to the public.

Creating an account:

To sign up for access and create an account, please click here. It is advised to use an NHSmail email address.

Promotional material:


The team behind the NHS Service Finder produced a YouTube video aimed at healthcare professionals explaining why they should make use of the tool. The video is narrated by several NHS Service Finder users including pharmacy dispenser, Sarah Davis. Watch the video here

Top tips for using the tool:

  • Sign-up now and bookmark the webpage (https://finder.directoryofservices.nhs.uk/) so you can return to it quickly.
  • Look-up GP practices to identify their non-public numbers when clinically appropriate and necessary – using the  ‘Contact Details Search’ option.
  • Use NHS Service Finder to text or email an patient with details of an organisation you are referring them to. Maps and directions with transport and route options can help you advise the patient how best to get to the service.
  • Introduce the rest of team including locums to the tool so that the whole team can identify the services available within the area.


Please click here to access the NHS service finder FAQ’s

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