PREM2 Applications – Change in submission process

PREM2 Applications – Change in submission process

July 17, 2020

NHS England and Improvement (NHSE/I), Greater Manchester (GM) Team have recently been receiving an increased number of applications from contractors seeking permission to undertake telephone MURs, particularly for those patients who are at high risk and continue to be shielded as a result of COVID-19.  Whilst the legal Directions have not changed in relation to provision of MUR consultations via the telephone, NHSE/I has recognised the need to adopt a more flexible approach when dealing with these applications for the benefit of the patient.

As a result, and with the support of the LPC’s across GM, and in light of the current situation a new process has been developed to support contractors in making submissions.  The following guidance has been created to explain the way in which PREM2D applications need to be submitted from Monday 13 July 2020, and how they will be assessed by the Greater Manchester Team (the Team).


  • A copy of all PREM2 application forms will be available via by logging in to PharmOutcomes and access via the services tab (Off-site and Telephone MUR module); contractor must use the appropriate form e.g. PREM2D forms for telephone requests
  • The form should be completed in full with the correct pharmacy F code in order that we can identify your pharmacy
  • A separate form will need to be completed for each specific patient on each particular occasion. A single form with a list of patient names will not be accepted
  • A series of assurances will be required (and prompts will be visible) to enable correct and appropriate submission of an application eg patient consent needs to be obtained prior to submitting the form via PharmOutcomes, (patient information/detail must not be shared without their explicit consent), also it would be good practice to document that consent was given in the patient’s PMR record with signed consents retained for 2 years and for PPV purposes –
  • An explanation is required in section 4 as to why a telephone MUR is required.  Simply putting “COVID, shielding or self-isolating” will not be accepted, but the details in the nature in following example would be appropriate – “75 year old diabetic patient who is shielding has not received an MUR within the last 12 months”
  • A copy of an MUR certificate for the Pharmacist(s) undertaking the telephone MUR will need to be submitted along with the PREM2D application where these have not been provided previously to NHSE/I.  There may be delays in processing requests where the MUR certificate cannot be verified
  • The pharmacist must be able to provide assurance that any patient taking medication via MDS / blister packs are self- administering medications and can clearly identify the medication being discussed throughout the MUR
  • Applications should NOT be emailed to the Greater Manchester Team (the Team).  Any sent via this method will be deleted and will not be considered

If the above criteria are met and the applications are submitted declaring all assurances according to the PharmOutcomes module, the Team will aim to process applications as soon as practicable but no later than 15 working days from the date of the application and will send a decision confirmation email to the contractors shared pharmacy email account. 

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