PSNC Animation launched

PSNC Animation launched

May 3, 2019

PSNC has launched a video animation explaining how community pharmacies are likely to fit into the NHS of the future:

As well as showcasing the work that pharmacies already do, the video describes the transformation that community pharmacies will need to undertake over the coming months and years.

The Government has made clear through the NHS Long Term Plan and GP Contract that it wants to better utilise the skills and reach of community pharmacy. However, this will require the sector to embrace a series of changes which we must start planning for now.

In particular, the emergence of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) – which must be formed by July 2019 – will bring changes for all healthcare providers working in the community, and it will be up to everyone in community pharmacy to ensure that our sector is included in these important emerging structures.

PSNC is in contact with NHS England and GP representatives to highlight the role that community pharmacies can play in PCNs. National messaging to GPs will encourage them to ensure that pharmacies are kept in the loop once PCNs are formed.

The animation gives community pharmacies four action points to consider:

  1. Start a conversation with other local pharmacies about how to collaborate within PCNs;
  2. Together with other pharmacies and your LPC, talk to local GPs about their plans for the future;
  3. Take all opportunities for further training and to provide services; and
  4. Make contact with your LPC.

PSNC has created a resources list to help contractors to start working towards these points, and we will add to this as we develop new resources over the coming months.

For further information visit the PSNC website.

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