Newly Qualified Pharmacists

Information regarding the IFPP for provisionally registered pharmacists

The IFPP is a fully funded programme developed by Health Education England (HEE), designed to support PvRP in England transition to full GPhC registration and beyond. The programme provides provisional registrants with access to a range of FREE resources that can support them to revise for the GPhC registration assessment, in addition to building their confidence, decision-making, and leadership skills in practice. The closing date for registration to the programme is 10th January 2021. Click here for more information.

Health Education England have published detailed information regarding the IFPP for provisionally registered pharmacists in response to the FAQs they have received about the program.

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HEE: Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme – Update 

Health Education England has issued it’s 5th update of the Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme. It has been announced that the registration for the IFPP is now live and they have over 500 registrations to date. 

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CPPE Foundation Pharmacist Pathway 2020/21

The new Health Education England funded Foundation Pathway is now open for applications from provisionally registered pharmacists currently working in community pharmacy. This is to support the training plan element of the provisional pharmacist risk assessment.

A leaflet about the course and some of the headline information and  link for applications is below.

CPPE Foundation Pharmacist Pathway 2020/21 – Leaflet

CPPE Foundation Pharmacist Pathway 2020/21

The overall aim of the Foundation pharmacist programme 2020/21 is to support the 2019/20 cohort of pre-registration pharmacists, to develop and demonstrate competence in core areas of community pharmacy practice. Mapped to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Foundation Pharmacist Framework 2019, the programme is designed to support learners to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, behaviours, abilities, values, attitudes, beliefs and experience to deliver excellent patient care.

The 12-month, fully-funded programme takes a blended learning approach and offers a comprehensive mix of online learning activities, workshops, communities of practice, assessment and work-based support.

Learners will be allocated a designated CPPE education supervisor who will review their progress in practice and provide them with feedback and support to develop their confidence and competence to deliver high-quality community pharmacy services.

Who’s eligible?

Health Education England (HEE) has provided funding for CPPE to deliver the Foundation pharmacist programme 2020/21 to support the 2019/20 cohort of pre-registration pharmacists.

Provisionally registered pharmacists (PRPs) who work in community pharmacy are eligible for the Foundation pharmacist programme 2020/21 unless their employer provides a foundation training programme. We cannot accept applications from PRPs who work at Boots, Lloyds or another employer which provides a foundation training programme, even if these programmes do not start until the PRP is fully registered. Employers internal training programmes take priority over the CPPE programme.

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