Quality Payments


It is currently unclear whether there will be any future Quality Payments, pending the outcome of national contract negotiations. These pages will be updated or archived when we have further information about this.  

The Quality Payments scheme has been extended for the first six months of 2018/19. There is one review date on 29th June 2018. Pharmacies can claim Quality Payments if they meet certain quality criteria.

NOTE: There are some important changes for June 2018’s Quality Payments. Make sure you read the new guidance carefully and don’t rely on what you claimed last year. The key changes are summarised below.

How it works

  • You must meet four gateway criteria to qualify for Quality Payments. If you don’t meet all four criteria on 29th June 2018, you will not be eligible for any Quality Payments.
  • Pharmacies can claim Quality Payments for those quality criteria they meet on 29th June 2018 (in addition to the gateway criteria).
  • Claims must be made via the NHS BSA portal between 09.00 on Monday 11th June 2018 and 23.59 on Friday 13th July 2018.
  • Each pharmacy can claim up to 100 points in Quality Payments. Points will be worth £32-£64 each – the final value will be calculated to distribute the full £37.5m of Quality Payments funding.

Guidance on what to do and how to claim

NHS England has published detailed guidance and you should read it carefully. There are 3 key documents to read and you can access the latest versions here. The documents you need to read are:

  • Updated guidance for June 2018 (includes changes)
  • Guidance on Gateway Criteria
  • Guidance on Quality Criteria

The NHS BSA claims portal is now open so pharmacies can draft their claims. Claims must be submitted by 23.59 on Friday 13th July. Read the guidance & FAQs from NHS BSA.

Key changes for June 2018

The main changes are:

  • NHS Choices: Bank holiday opening hours must be included on the pharmacy’s NHS Choices profile.
  • NHSmail: Pharmacy staff must be able to send and receive NHSmail using a shared mailbox for the branch. Personal NHSmail no longer qualifies.
  • Patient safety report: The pharmacy must publish a new patient safety report to meet this criteria, i.e. published since 24th November 2017.
  • CPPQ: The pharmacy must publish the results of a new patient feedback survey, i.e. published since 24th November 2017.
  • SCR: The dates have changed. You must make sure you increased SCR usage during the new Period 2, compared with the new Period 1, or that you used SCR at least 100 times in both periods.
  • HLP: The eligibility dates have been revised e.g. some pharmacies that did not have to complete a self-assessment of competence last year will need to do so this time.

Greater Manchester LPC resources

Webinar recording

Watch the recorded version of our Quality Payments Made Simple webinar from 6th June 2018.

Download the webinar slides.

Website & PDF guides

Follow the links on the left-hand side of this webpage for guidance on each area of Quality Payments. Our short tip guides break down the key requirements into bite-sized chunks. Please read them in conjunction with the full NHS England guidance.

Archived resources from 2017/18

These resources from 2017/18‘s Quality Payments may also be of interest. They include links to webinars, presentations and tip guides. Please bear in mind, however, that some of the content is now out of date.

PharmOutcomes support

You can use PharmOutcomes to help you plan your Quality Payments workload and claim. The module is available to all pharmacy contractors thanks to PSNC. Find out more.