Quality Payments

The Quality Payments scheme for 2017/18 has now ended. We will update this section when we receive information about the final outcome and plans for any future Quality Payments.

The Quality Payments Scheme is income that community pharmacies can claim if they meet certain quality criteria. Pharmacies can claim Quality Payments at two review points in 2017 (28th April and 24th November). This section includes information and resources to help you qualify for and claim Quality Payments.

How it works

  • You must meet four gateway criteria before you can claim any Quality Payments. If you don’t meet all four criteria on the review date, you will not be eligible for any Quality Payments.
  • If you meet the gateway criteria, you can claim for those Quality Payments where you meet the relevant criteria on the review date. Some payments can be claimed at both review dates. Some can only be claimed once a year.
  • Claims must be submitted via the NHS BSA portal during the claim period for that review date.

Guidance on what to do and how to claim

NHS England has published detailed guidance setting out the criteria for each Quality Payment, as well as the gateway criteria. It is essential that you read this carefully and use this as your go-to guide. We strongly recommend you bookmark this page in case of any changes to the guidance. If you download/print documents, please keep revisiting that webpage to ensure you are still using the most recent version.

Greater Manchester LPC tip guides & resources

We produce short tip guides that break the key requirements down into bite-sized chunks. A number of contractors said the guides we produced for April’s Quality Payments were really helpful. We are now updating them for November and will publish new guides each week. Please read them in conjunction with the full NHS England guidance.

November 2017 Tip Guides

Guide to November 2017 Quality Payments 

This presentation by Fin Mc Caul from GMLPC and PSNC guides you through the requirements for November and the changes since April’s Quality Payments.

April 2017 Tip Guides 

Please note that some requirements have changed since April. The information in these guides may have been superseded by the November guidance. They are included here for archive purposes while we develop November’s tip guides.

Additional April 2017 resources