Dementia Friends

The Quality Payments scheme for 2017/18 has now ended. We will update this section when we receive information about the final outcome and plans for any future Quality Payments.

Note: The information on this page is a summary of the requirements. We strongly advise pharmacies to read the full NHS England guidance as well – there are links at the end of this page.

Dementia Friends

Points available: 5 points (£320) available twice a year. You can claim in November even if you received this payment in April.

What’s involved

At least 80 per cent of patient-facing staff working for the pharmacy on 24th November must be registered Dementia Friends. Pharmacies with fewer than five patient-facing staff that day will need them all to be Dementia Friends to meet the 80 per cent benchmark.

Evidence required & claims process

  • Make the relevant declaration in your NHS BSA Quality Payments submission.
  • Keep a record and evidence in the pharmacy of who is a registered Dementia Friend and when they did it. The easiest way of doing this is to register your pharmacy as an ‘Organisation’ on the Dementia Friends website, and then get staff to register through your pharmacy. (See the section on page 2.)
  • You can also use this PSNC template to record which staff are Dementia Friends.
  • If you claimed in April: Check at least 80 per cent of current patient-facing staff are Dementia Friends if anyone has left the pharmacy or joined since April.

What does 80% of patient-facing staff mean?

  • The 80 per cent is based on staff head count, not whole-time equivalents. Two technicians who job-share 50/50 count as two members of staff, not one.
  • “Patient-facing” means anyone in the pharmacy and those outside who may come into contact with patients/customers during their work. Examples include all delivery drivers, pharmacists, technicians, pre-registration graduates, and counter/dispensary assistants.
  • Locums working on 24th November are also included in the staff head count.

How to become a Dementia Friend

Many pharmacists and pharmacy staff are already Dementia Friends. For those who aren’t, there are three ways of doing it. The recommended option is to register with Dementia Friends as a pharmacy organisation and manage individual staff registrations through that. It is also well worth attending a face-to-face session once you have registered, as you will get a much deeper understanding than if you just watch the videos.

Register as a pharmacy organisation

  • If your pharmacy has not already registered with Dementia Friends, then register here. (Note: Only one person from the pharmacy should register it.)
  • Once you’ve registered as an organisation, you’ll receive your pharmacy’s Dementia Friends code by email within a week giving you access to a dashboard. You can use the dashboard to manage staff registrations.
  • Staff (including locums) can register themselves – or you can manage this for them – by clicking here, then clicking ‘Watch our videos for organisations’ in the Organisations section on the left-hand side.
  • Just enter the pharmacy’s Dementia Friends code, the number of people watching the videos and the postcode. Each person needs to watch the introductory film and at least one of the other films.
  • The pharmacy member who is Admin for your Dementia Friends dashboard can see which staff have completed registration.
  • Contractors should then order Dementia Badges for all staff who have registered. Email with your organisation’s Dementia Friends code, the number of staff who need badges, and the postal address.

Attend a face-to-face Dementia Friends session

You can also become a Dementia Friend at face-to-face sessions. Many provide certificates of attendance and it’s a good idea to attend one even if you’ve already registered online, as you’ll get a much deeper understanding. You can find details of local sessions here.

Register as an individual

Click here, enter your details and then watch the short film. You’ll then receive a Dementia Friends pack and badge in the post. Locums can register this way if they cannot do so through a pharmacy.

Dementia awareness in your pharmacy

Our website has loads of guidance to help your pharmacy become more dementia-friendly and support patients/customers with dementia, including local signposting to services and support in many parts of Greater Manchester. The Greater Manchester Dementia-Friendly Pharmacy Framework sets out easy-to-follow steps to make your pharmacy environment and as dementia-friendly as possible. We’re encouraging all pharmacies to sign up.

Full guidance from NHS England

This tip-sheet is just a summary. You must also read the full NHS England guidance to make sure you meet the Quality Payments criteria:

Page updated 27th December 2017