Summary Care Record

NHS England has now published its full guidance for the Quality Payments review date of Friday 15th February 2019. This section of the website is currently being updated to reflect the new guidance. 

Note: The information on this page is a summary of the requirements for June 2018’s Quality Payments. We strongly advise pharmacies to read the full NHS England guidance as well – there are links at the end of this page. Download this page as a PDF.

Summary Care Record (June 2018)

Points available: 10 points (£320-£640) available.

What’s involved:

You must be able to demonstrate your pharmacy used the Summary Care Record more often in Period 2 (Mon 4th Dec 2017 to Sun 1st July 2018) than in Period 1 (Mon 1st May 2017 to Sun 26th Nov 2017) or that you accessed the Summary Care Record at least 100 times in each period. (Note: The dates are different from last year.)

Evidence required

  • NHS Digital record how many times pharmacies access the Summary Care Record.
  • The SCR usage record will be updated for the final time at 10am on Thursday 5th July 2018 – you may want to delay making your final Quality Payments submission until after then. (The NHS BSA claims portal does not close until 23.59 on 13th July.)

 Monitoring your usage

NHS Digital have an easy-to-use usage calculator. Enter your pharmacy name or ODS code and it tells you how often you accessed SCR in both periods, and the increase/decrease in usage. We would highly recommend using it. The figures are updated every Thursday and include your SCR access up to 23.59 on the Sunday before. Here is an example:

Image showing example of SCR usage calculator

When to submit your Quality Payments claim

Your final SCR data will be available for you to view from 10am on Thursday 5th July, so you may want to delay making your Quality Payments submission until then. (The NHS BSA portal is open until 23.59 on Friday 13th July.)

You have until 23.59 on Sunday 1st July to use SCR. Your SCR access up to and including that date will appear on the NHS Digital usage calculator from 10am on Thursday 5th July. Check your final figures before completing your NHS BSA submission. The usage calculator won’t be updated again after 5th July to avoid confusion during Quality Payments submissions.

NOTE: If you aren’t registered for SCR yet, read our tip guide explaining how to register and start using SCR.

Full guidance from NHS England

This tip-sheet is just a summary. You must also read the full NHS England guidance to make sure you meet the Quality Payments criteria. There are 3 key documents:

  • Updated guidance for June 2018
  • Gateway Criteria Guidance
  • Quality Criteria Guidance