CPPQ: Patient experience survey


It has now been announced that Quality Payments have been extended and the next review date will be 15th February 2019. These pages are being updated. The information below relates to the June 2018 Quality Payments and is not current guidance.   

Note: The information on this page is a summary of the requirements for June 2018’s Quality Payments. We strongly advise pharmacies to read the full NHS England guidance as well – there are links at the end of this page. Download this page as a PDF.

CPPQ: Patient experience survey

Points available: 5 points (£160-£320) available.

What’s involved:

On 24th November, you must have published the results from your latest Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CQQP) as set out in the guidance – there are different requirements for ‘bricks and mortar’ and distance-selling pharmacies. The CPPQ survey results must date from within the last 12 months.

You cannot use the same survey as you used for last year’s Quality Payments. If you claimed this payment in 2017, you must have completed a new survey, analysed the results and published them since then.

Producing your CPPQ survey results for publication

PSNC has templates that you can use for your survey, analysing the results and producing a report for publication. You can access them on the CPPQ page on PSNC’s website.

How to publish your CPPQ: Bricks-and-mortar pharmacies

Follow the guidance in this NHS Choices user guide to uploading your CPPQ results for June 2018 Quality Payments. You MUST follow the process exactly – if you do not use the wording and format specified in the guidance, you will not qualify for the Quality Payment.

This general user guide offers further support and information about managing your NHS Choices profile.

How to publish your CPPQ survey: Distance-selling pharmacies

Distance-selling pharmacies can qualify for this Quality Payment by publishing your CPPQ results on your own website and notifying NHS Choices that you have done this.

  • You must publish the CPPQ results on the website listed in your NHS Choices entry.
  • You must notify NHS Choices exactly as set out in the guidance. If you do not use the correct format and wording, you will not qualify for the Quality Payment:
    • Create an email to nhschoicesservicedesk@nhs.net
    • Put the words CPPQJUNE and your ODS code in the subject header (e.g. CPPQJUNE FAB12). You must use that exact format or you will not qualify for the payment.
    • Write a short email stating that you have published your CPPQ results on your website – make sure you include a link to the published survey.
  • Like bricks-and-mortar pharmacies, you also need to make the relevant declaration in your NHS BSA Quality Payments submission.


Your NHS Choices profile (incl bank holiday details) must be up to date and validated to qualify for any Quality Payments. Why not update and validate your NHS Choices profile when you upload your CPPQ?

Full guidance from NHS England

This tip-sheet is just a summary. You must also read the full NHS England guidance to make sure you meet the Quality Payments criteria. There are 3 key documents:

  • Updated guidance for June 2018
  • Gateway Criteria Guidance
  • Quality Criteria Guidance