Data Security and Protection

PSNC has published new guidance to help contractors complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit for 2020/21. The toolkit is used to make a pharmacy’s information governance (IG) declaration, and must be completed by 30th June 2021. 

We encourage contractors to log into the toolkit and begin collating this information as soon as possible. Please note that all questions marked as mandatory must be completed to meet the minimum IG requirements as part of a pharmacy’s NHS Terms of Service.

Use PSNC’s guidance to help complete your declaration, starting with the ‘Toolkit Over: Five Steps’ Guide:

Toolkit guidance  Description
Toolkit completion: Five steps to complete the Toolkit (overview) This gives a step-by-step guide to completing the Toolkit and references other materials.
Toolkit completion: Question-by-question guidance (mandatory questions) (PDF ver) This can be used to work your way down the Toolkit completing the mandatory questions.
Toolkit completion: Question-by-question guidance (all questions) (spreadsheet ver) This can be used to view or filter all the questions.
Toolkit completion: FAQs factsheet This provides FAQs.
Toolkit completion: Using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit’s HQ batch submission feature – step-by-step guide and associated Checking pharmacies linked to HQ code using ODS portal factsheet. These explain how to request the feature is set-up for you. Contractors with three or more pharmacies may benefit from using the feature. See also the ‘Batch guidance’ section of this webpage.
Data security templates Templates and policies including new ones which enable completion of the newest version of the Toolkit. All the templates have been refreshed to align with the latest toolkit and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Data security training Training resources. Including the updated Pharmacy data security and IG training (for induction or refreshment).
PSNC’s Data security hub This hub includes new resources such as: AntivirusBackupsData handling and Roles.

Further information can be found here