NHSMail nhs.net email accounts

Community pharmacists must be able to send and receive nhs.net emails (NHSMail) in order to meet the gateway criteria for Quality Payments. If you don’t have NHSmail in your pharmacy, you will not be eligible for ANY Quality Payments.

Process for getting shared NHSmail accounts for your pharmacy

  • If you’ve not applied for a shared NHSmail account, do so here via the NHSmail portal. (Note: Pharmacy staff in multiples should check with head office first, as some are doing this centrally.)
  • NHS Digital then send you details of how to set up your account and complete the process by providing some additional information through this portal. Don’t risk delays as NHS Digital may receive large volumes of applications.
  • Once you’ve completed registration via the portal, NHS Digital will send you log-in details for the associated personal NHSmail accounts. Activate these as soon as possible to make sure they’re active.

If you have any problems applying, registering or setting up NHSmail (e.g. you can’t see your pharmacy on the portal), contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net.

Further guidance

Forwarding Emails from Shared NHS Mailbox to Personal NHS Email

Forwarding emails you receive in your NHS shared mailbox to your personal NHS mail account can help you access important information through one account. This tool we found can be very useful for contractors to stay in touch with important emails sent from NHS England as well as notifying of any new Digital Minor Illness Referrals (DMIRS).

If you have any queries relating to setting this up please email enquiries@gmlpc.org.uk.

How to forward Emails from your Shared Email Box to your personal or any other email

Please follow the following steps in order;

  1. Log in to your shared email box
  2. Click settings icon on the Top Right hand side of email window

     3. Click on ‘Options’ in the pull down menu.

4. In the Options Menu, click on ‘organise email’ on the left hand side.


5. Under the ‘Inbox Rules’ tab click the arrow pointing down next to the plus symbol +

6.  Select ‘Create a new rule for arriving messages’ under the drop down menu.

7. First select ‘when the message arrives, and:’ and from the drop down list select [Apply to all messages]. Then Then select ‘Do the following:’ and from the drop down list select ‘Redirect the message to…’

8. A new window will appear. Here you type in the email address you would like the emails to be forwarded too.

9. Once above Steps complete, click on the ‘save’

10. A warning message will appear asking ‘Do you want the rule to apply to all future messages?’ Click ‘yes’

11. To Check this has been setup there will be displayed a check box [Apply to all messages]. You can now exit settings area.



Original source: Kensington Chelsea and Westminster LPC website.