Pre-registration trainees: advice for contractors & trainees

Pre-registration support

We have been contacted by a number of contractors who are looking to support pre-registration students who have not passed their pre-reg exam and are in need of additional placements and support.

If you are a contractor or pre-registration student wanting to connect with other pre-registration students in a similar position then please get in touch with us using this form  and we will contact you.

You will need to provide a short paragraph explaining your position, student’s name and contact details along with whether it is a placement you are looking for or to be part of a network, as well as permission to share the details with other contractors via a private message.

Contractors able to support, perhaps covering maternity cover, long term sickness or increased operational demand, can also get in touch and we will be able to connect you with those looking for opportunities.

Resources for employers keen to recruit pre-reg trainees

Pharmacy employers can now register to recruit pre-reg trainees via Oriel for the 2020/21. Registration opened in January 2019. If you would like to recruit pre-reg trainees via Oriel (rather than independently) in summer 2020, you must register by 1st March 2019. We have produced some briefings to help contractors/pharmacy managers understand more about the national Oriel system for recruiting pre-reg pharmacist trainees – this system was used for the first time in community pharmacy in 2018 but is likely to gain in popularity and become increasingly important.

Recorded webinar & guidance on using Oriel to recruit pre-reg trainees:

Watch our recorded Oriel webinar (11th Feb 2019)

In this GM Healthcare Academy, guest presenter Khalid Khan – Training Programme Director for Pre-Reg (North West), Health Education England – explains:

  • What Oriel is
  • Why pharmacy students choose it to find their placements
  • Pros & cons for pharmacy employers, compared with direct recruitment
  • Application deadlines
  • How to market your placement successfully, so it’s attractive to trainees

Further resources

GMLPC bite-sized guides to Oriel:

Resources for pre-reg trainees

CPPE now publish a newsletter for pre-reg trainees. You can access copies of the newsletter here: