Pre-registration trainees: advice for contractors & trainees

Resources for employers keen to recruit pre-reg trainees

Pharmacy employers can now register to recruit pre-reg trainees via Oriel for the 2020/21. Registration opened in January 2019. If you would like to recruit pre-reg trainees via Oriel (rather than independently) in summer 2020, you must register by 1st March 2019. We have produced some briefings to help contractors/pharmacy managers understand more about the national Oriel system for recruiting pre-reg pharmacist trainees – this system was used for the first time in community pharmacy in 2018 but is likely to gain in popularity and become increasingly important.

Recorded webinar & guidance on using Oriel to recruit pre-reg trainees:

Watch our recorded Oriel webinar (11th Feb 2019)

In this GM Healthcare Academy, guest presenter Khalid Khan – Training Programme Director for Pre-Reg (North West), Health Education England – explains:

  • What Oriel is
  • Why pharmacy students choose it to find their placements
  • Pros & cons for pharmacy employers, compared with direct recruitment
  • Application deadlines
  • How to market your placement successfully, so it’s attractive to trainees

Further resources

GMLPC bite-sized guides to Oriel:

Resources for pre-reg trainees

CPPE now publish a newsletter for pre-reg trainees. You can access copies of the newsletter here: