Rikki Smeeton bio

Name: Rikki Smeeton

Role: Senior Responsible Officer – Primary Care Networks

Email: rikki.smeeton@gmlpc.org.uk
Contact Number: 0161 518 5794 | ext. 1005
Mobile: 07762304285

About Rikki:

Rikki is registered Pharmacy Technician and qualified Accuracy Checking Technician having 14 years’ experience in both Community and Outpatient Pharmacy settings. Before joining the LPC, Rikki held a management position at Manchester Foundation Trust in both the adult and paediatric outpatient pharmacies where she still holds a part time position.

Rikki joined the GMLPC team in September 2017 as the Project Implementation Lead where her main role involved facilitating and developing robust project implementation plans for service-based project work. She then took on a more strategic role as the Commissioned Services Manager where she was responsible for the day-to-day LPC support of advanced and locally commissioned services, creating and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders such as Greater Manchester Local Authorities, CCG’s and the local area NHS team – Greater Manchester Health & Social Care.

Rikki now holds the position of Senior Responsible Officer – Primary Care Networks. This a strategic role to support and progress the development and integration of Community Pharmacy within the 58 Primary Care Networks in our Greater Manchester geography.

Other relevant roles:

Board Member – Community Pharmacy Provider Board
Board Member – LGBT Pride in Practice Board
ACT – LloydsPharmacy Outpatients (MFT)