Rochdale COVID Update

‘Hot Site’ Update

At the time of writing, available information about ‘hot site(s)’ in your area is given below.

Address Telephone Opening Times
Whitehall Street 24 hours, 7 days a week
Inn Health Mobile Unit, Tesco Car Park, Middleton Yet to open


GMLPC is well aware of the challenges contractors are facing currently around supplies of PPE. We are continuing to press nationally via PSNC and directly with Department of Health to secure further supplies for community pharmacy. Furthermore we are working with CHL to facilitate local supplies for pharmacies to purchase.

Greater Manchester LPC has also been working closely with local stakeholders to address some of the challenges around the supply and distribution of PPE for Pharmacy contractors and their teams and have successfully secured some supplies in your locality via the CCG. We have attached the local guidance and process for Rochdale contractors here

Local Delivery Service

Please view the latest information from PSNC regarding the Pandemic Delivery Service here

Patient leaflet – lockdown medicine deliveries to end 31st July 2020

Patients meeting the COVID-19 shielding criteria need to stay at home and away from community pharmacy and dispensing doctor premises, they must be offered a home delivery option for their prescription items unless a family member, friend, relative or volunteer can collect the medicine for them.

Medicines delivery services will be commissioned from both pharmacies and dispensing doctors across England from 9 April 2020 until 1 July 2020 in the first instance but may be extended as necessary as part of the COVID-19 response. For more information Click here

In terms of the national discussions, all indications are these for shielded patients only, but the need is wider. Our colleagues in our localities have been working with local organisations to set up hubs from where patients can appoint a volunteer to collect medication on their behalf from the pharmacy and we are able to share locality hub information for your locality below.

For patients who are isolating and in need you are able to signpost them to the hub who will co-ordinate collection of the medication with the patient directly. The volunteer will attend the pharmacy, confirm the patient details and show their ID. You may receive a call ahead of their visit to confirm the medication is ready for collection.

NB. The information below has been collated to ensure Community Pharmacies can easily signpost patients into the service. The request to use this service must come from the patient directly and is not the responsibility of the pharmacy.

 Hub Set Up  Hub Contact Details  Personnel Type Collecting Meds Other Useful Information

Central contact number which will TBC


4 local hubs in the Link4Life facilities in Rochdale Leisure Centre, Middleton Arena, Heywood Sports Village and Littleborough Sports Centre

01706 923 685 Volunteers HMR circle volunteer organisation.

Volunteer Delivery Drivers 

Please note if you work for a company please check with your head office your company’s position on using volunteers before using them.

Please remember the first option is to ask the patient if they have someone who can collect for them.

Pharmacies should consider using volunteers to deliver medicines to patients as this will reduce the amount of contact the pharmacy team is having with patients e.g. one volunteer delivering to 10 patients means you are only seeing one person instead of ten thus reducing the risk of infection. This should also help reduce phone calls asking about deliveries.

For the purpose of this guidance volunteers are broadly split into two groups:

A)Re-deployed workers where you can satisfy yourself that appropriate checks have been completed, which may, where necessary include DBS checks by their employer.  Also could be familiar with entering the public’s homes to undertake specific tasks

B)Individuals belonging to a volunteer group who must also be DBS checked – these individuals will be providing their time and support free of charge to individuals through belonging to the volunteer group

Please ensure that you have conducted due diligence if you are going to use either re-deployed workers or volunteers.

Things to consider (please note this list is not exhaustive;

Background check

    1. Identity of the re-deployed public sector worker
    2. It would be reasonable to check for an ID badge
    3. Identity of the volunteer group / individual

DBS checked



There is free training available for delivery drivers which covers storage of medicines in transit, vehicle security, safe delivery and dealing with undelivered medicines. See the RPS for more details (scroll down the page to the table)

Signing delivery SOP


Suitability of medicines to be delivered – a conversation with the responsible pharmacist will identify which medicines can be delivered.

Re-deployed or volunteers should not be asked to deliver Schedule  2 and 3 CDs

COVID-19 Testing

We would advise contractors to either access a test via the national test centre OR via the local testing arrangements.

National Testing 

Frontline workers, including community pharmacy staff in England, can access free testing for COVID-19, via the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) national testing service.

Testing will allow those currently unable to return to work because they or a member of their family or household have symptoms of coronavirus to know whether they do have the virus.

An online portal developed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be used to allow community pharmacy staff, to book a test at one of the national test centres. This online portal is a temporary facility and it will be replaced by a permanent digital booking system; updated details of how to book a test will be provided when the new system goes live.

Testing has been available to some community pharmacy staff over the last few weeks, where this was organised at a local level by the NHS (see below)

For information about eligibility and how to access testing at a national test centre click here

In line with national guidance, NHSE/I are mobilising testing for health and social care staff.

Eligibility for testing is as follows:

  • Self-isolating because NHS worker is symptomatic: In this instance the NHS keyworker is the only eligible person in their household to receive a COVID-19 test. No other members of their household are eligible.
  • Self-isolating because an adult (over 18) in their household is symptomatic, but the key worker is not: In this instance only the adult household member(s) of the NHS keyworker is eligible to come to a test centre to receive a COVID-19 test. It is that household member(s) whose data must be collected and sent to The National Test Centres – with the key workers name noted. The key worker will not receive a test. If more than one household member is symptomatic, but not the NHS worker, then all household members should be tested.
  • Self-isolating because a child (under 18) in their household member is symptomatic, but the key worker is not: we are awaiting further guidance on this
  • Self-isolating for other reasons: If the NHS keyworker is self-isolating for other reasons and is not themselves symptomatic, they are not eligible to be tested.

This update contains important information for community pharmacy teams about the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.