Annual complaints report

Pharmacies have to complete a complaints report each year and submit it to commissioners as soon as reasonably practicable after 31st March. (The report also needs to be available for inspection by anyone who asks.)

The complaints report needs to cover the period from 1st April to 31st March. Greater Manchester pharmacies need to send their completed report to

The report must:

  • specify the number of complaints which the pharmacy contractor received;
  • specify the number of complaints which the pharmacy contractor decided were well-founded;
  • specify the number of complaints which the pharmacy contractor has been informed have been referred to the Health Service Commissioner to consider under the 1993 Act; and
  • summarise—
    • the subject matter of complaints that the pharmacy contractor received;
    • any matters of general importance arising out of those complaints, or the way in which the complaints were handled;
    • any matters where action has been or is to be taken to improve services as a consequence of those complaints.

PSNC has prepared a template that pharmacies can use during the year to record complaints as they are received and closed. You can use this information to produce your annual report at the end of each year.

Summary of complaints (MS Word)
Summary of complaints (PDF)

Note: The Greater Manchester NHS team may ask pharmacies to produce evidence during monitoring visits to show that they are complying with the complaints regulations. Producing the summary of complaints, with collated copies of the complaints regulations, will provide evidence but the detail on these forms contains sensitive personal information about the complainant so should not be disclosed unless the complainant has consented. If the Greater Manchester NHS team has decided to investigate a complaint made to it, then disclosure of the information in the pharmacy’s complaint record may be appropriate.