GMHSCP (former area team)

The former NHS England area team is now part of Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP).

Pharmacy team contact details:

The optometry and pharmacy team at GMHSCP can be contacted by emailing (This replaces the former email address.) This email address is checked throughout the day and any queries submitted will be passed on to the most appropriate staff member.

Please be advised that as of Wednesday 4 December 2019, the landlines beginning 0113 825 for the Optometry & Pharmacy Team will no longer be in use.  From 4 December 2019 onwards, the contact details for the team are as follows:


Steve Riley (Optometry/Pharmacy) 07738 689 814
Michael Ziki (Primary Care Support) 07769 960 522
Tracy Thewlis (Optometry) 07730 380 322
Sarah Ward (Pharmacy/LPN) 07730 376 514
Sophia Lapsley (Optometry) 07713 795 874
Diane Murphy (Pharmacy) 07730 381 991
Lindsay Crabtree (Optometry/Pharmacy) 07713 795 875
Monica Roper (Pharmacy) 07730 379 321

Office and postal address:

Optometry and Pharmacy Team,
Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership,
Floor 4,
3 Piccadilly Place,
London Road,
M1 3BN


Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer

If you have any CDs issues/concerns, visit


Greater Manchester Pharmacy Handbook

Greater Manchester Pharmacy Handbook

Further information:

Signposting Assistance (Note: this links to the handbook appendices which include a record sheet and signposting details for each area)

Changes to submission of quarterly reports– MUR/NMS