Greater Manchester Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS) – Resources

Please note that service support is currently being updated by NHSE and will be uploaded to this page once available.

The staggered rollout of the Greater Manchester Minor Ailments Scheme begun on 01/11/2020. Please see the below breakdown of each locality and their status with regards to the service.  For further information, please click on the relevant locality;

The below locations are also live with Minor Ailment Scheme but are yet to move onto the Greater Manchester specification.

The following location is not currently live with Minor Ailment Scheme.

GM MAS Patient Eligibility Criteria

GMLPC has received feedback concerning a lack of clarity around the eligibility criteria for MAS. Outlined below is the eligibility criteria for the different localities in which MAS is live across Greater Manchester

Any patient who meets the eligibility criteria outlined in Appendix 2 of the service specification (below) can present to the Pharmacy and access the service for treatment of a current self-limiting condition covered by the minor ailment formulary.

CCG areas following the below eligibility criteria are Wigan, Bury, Manchester, Stockport, Rochdale, Trafford & Tameside only
• Individuals named on a current HC2 charges certificate
• Individual or their partner receives Income Support, Income based Job seekers Allowance or Income related Employment and Support allowance, or the person is a young person under the age of 20 who is dependent on someone receiving those benefits.
• Universal Credit where entitlement to free prescriptions is stated on the Universal Credit award notice.

The service can be accessed free at the point of use by residents registered with a GP Practice within the Salford CCG area only, who are eligible to claim an exemption from NHS Prescription charges.

Salford CCG area only are using the exemption criteria below
• is under 16 years of age • is 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education
• is 60 years of age or over
• has a valid maternity exemption certificate
• has a valid medical exemption certificate
• has a valid prescription exemption certificate issued by Ministry of Defence
• is named on current HC2 charges certificate
• gets Income Support or income related ESA
• gets income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
• is entitled or named on valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption certificate
• receives Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (including partners)
• Universal Credit and meets the criteria. Find out more at

Greater Manchester Minor Ailment Scheme briefing and key documents:

Actions and Guidance for Contractors:

NHSE/I will be sending out documentation prior to the implementation of the GM specification in your locality. When you receive the agreement please ensure that you sign with your company name not your trading name, details of which can be found in your pharmacy contract. Please see the below examples for clarification.

  1. ‘Boots’ is the trading name but ‘Walgreens Boots Alliance’ is the company name so the document would be signed as ‘Walgreens Boots Alliance’
  2. ‘Well Pharmacy’ is the trading name but ‘Bestway National Chemists Ltd’ is the company name so the document would be signed as ‘Bestway National Chemists Ltd’

Please ensure the forms are completed correctly to minimise the burden on yourselves and NHSE/I.

If you wish to deliver or commission this service, please email your request to: