Medicines management and guidance

This section contains information and guidance from Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group (GMMMG), links to CCG medicines management teams, and national prescribing guidance. Greater Manchester LPC is a member of GMMMG, the North East Sector medicines management group, and the Area Prescribing Committee. Note: The GMMMG website has lots of useful resources including guidance and formulary.

Manchester – MHCC Medicine Switches – Update 12/08/2020

As you are aware MHCC tries to only make switches in medicines twice a year. There were some planned switches in February. However due to COVID-19, these switches were delayed but will now start at the end of this month.  Contractors should consider their stock holding for the following:

  • Quetiapine and all brands to Sondate
  • Gaviscon advance to Acidex advance
  • Ramipril caps to tabs
  • Vesicare to generic solifenacin
  • Celluvisc to Vizcellose
  • Hylo -Forte to Evolve HA
  • Cyanocobalamin 50mcg to Cyanocominn 50mcg
  • Rizatriptan_Oral Lyophilisate Tab 10mg to Rizatriptan oro-dispersible 10mg.’

Seven-day prescribing policy for Greater Manchester

This policy should be used by GPs and pharmacists to help decide whether an individual may be appropriate or not for 7-day prescriptions.

We would like to remind contractors that the length of supply prescribed determines how often a patient receives their medication and the contractual obligation is to supply at the intervals prescribed. The clinical responsibility and justification for length of supply rests with the prescriber. Any concerns over individuals’ lengths of supply should be referred back to the prescriber and would be a valid discussion point to raise, should an individual have appropriate needs or risk factors making 7-day prescriptions appropriate as detailed in the policy.

Clinical guidance from GMMMG


Guide to current inhalers and guidance on asthma management (May 2015). You may find the asthma management guidance useful in relation to Quality Payments for asthma referrals. Find out more about the adult inhaler technique service.

Eyelid cleaning preparations

GMMMG believes eyelid cleaning preparations are about to be marked ‘Do not prescribe’ so pharmacies are encouraged to review their stocks and consider running them down if the only usage is via FP10.

Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group website, including guidance and formulary

Flash glucose monitoring (Freestyle Libre)

GMMMG has advised that (Nov 2017) is that Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitoring systems must not be prescribed routinely. They can only be prescribed by specialist teams to specific groups of patients and for a 3- to 6-month trial period supported by auditing of outcomes. Pharmacies should be aware of the GMMMG guidance.

Management of urticaria

GMMMG have published this guidance on the management of urticaria in primary care for adults and children.

Regional / national prescribing guidance

Flash glucose monitoring systems – Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee (October 2017). See the GMMMG guidance on this too (November 2017).

Antibiotics in pregnancy – new guidance from Public Health England (May 2017)

Antibiotics for STIs in early pregnancy – statement from BASHH clinical effectiveness group (August 2017)

Other useful links

Report drug stock and supply issues

Latest price concessions

CCG medicines management teams

Bury: Jeanette Tilstone, Head of Medicines Optimisation,, 0161 762 3110

Manchester: Kenny Li, Senior Head of Medicines Optimisation, The community pharmacy contact is Judy Smith on, 0161 765 6225.

Oldham: Nigel Dunkerley, Locality Medicines Optimisation Lead. Contact the team via or 0161 622 6472 for medicines management and technician support

Rochdale: Keith Pearson, Head of Medicines Optimisation,, 01706 652871 or 07917 270377; Sandra Wild, Medicines Optimisation Technician,, 01706 652877 or 07775 545891; Judith Alletson, Medicines Optimisation Technician,, 01706 652844 or 07775 545299

Salford: Claire Vaughan, Head of Medicines Management. Contact the team via, 0161 212 5618

Stockport: Liz Bailey, Medicines Optimisation Lead, (copied to, 0161 249 4232

Tameside: Peter Howarth, Head of Medicines Management,, 07791 020 289 (Mon-Fri); Clare Liptrott, Medicines Management Pharmacist & NMP Lead,, 07500 571605 (Tue-Thu); Lisa McManamon, Medicines Management Technician,, 07500 571 606 (Mon-Wed); Hannah Todd, Medicines Management Technician,, 07500 571 771 (Wed-Fri); Katie Heywood, Medicines Management Technician,, 07500 571 566 (Mon-Fri); Elaine Gallagher, Medicines Management Technician,, 07500 571 604 (Mon-Fri); Saarah Niazi-Ali, Antibiotic Pharmacist, (no work phone) (Wed-Fri); Sarwat Rahman, Antibiotic Pharmacist,, via switchboard at Tameside General Hospital 0161 922 6000, bleep 1686 (Mon-Fri)

Trafford: Leigh Lord, Locality Lead for Medicines Management,, 0161 873 6056

Wigan: Anna Swift, Asst Director of Medicines Management,, 01942 482838 [or Associate Director of Clinical Services: Linda Scott]