Flu Vaccination Service 2020/21

List of contractors delivering the 2020/2021 flu service

GMLPC and Bolton LPCs are currently working with GMHSCP in preparation for the 2020/21 Flu season.

We expect to see an increase in demand this year and therefore we are working collaboratively with CCGs, practices and localities to ensure patients can access the flu vaccination service this season.

In order to help the planning process, we have complied a list of contractors and have collected information about whether they intend to provide the 2020/2021 flu service 

This information will be shared with the wider system so we can explore collaborative working practices.

To view the full list click here (updated 14/09/2020)

If you require contact details for the PCN leads then please contact enquiries@gmlpc.org.uk


Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Service Support

Pharmacy Complete have  released a series of four short videos (each under three minutes) to complement their free-to-download resources. Together they support engagement in and delivery of a safe and successful pharmacy flu vaccination service this season.

The videos and resources include practical guidance on getting ready, getting started, risk management and engaging with their community. These are continually updated inline with the latest public health guidance.

They  have also released a Flu Champion course as a free to download product.

Please share with your contractors who may be thinking about how to run this important service and what they need to put in place to do so.

Connect with Pharmacy Complete

Flu vaccination Support

PSNC Briefing : Early guidance on the 2020/21 Seasonal

This PSNC Briefing have provided early guidance for community pharmacy contractors and their teams on the 2020/2021
NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service in England. Information and resources to support the service
are also available at psnc.org.uk/flu and additional and updated resources will be added nearer the start of the

Click here for the full briefing

Contractor Notice: Flu Service Collaboration

GMLPC would like to remind you that both GPs and community pharmacy will be providing the Flu Service. We encourage all pharmacies to collaborate with local flu providers and ask patients whether or not they already had a flu jab booked at their GP practice before giving them the vaccine within the pharmacy.

After providing the vaccine to patients please complete the PharmOutcomes module as soon as possible. A notification will then be sent to the GP practice.

It is important to ensure that patients have a choice to decide where they wish to receive their flu vaccination.

PSNC have published further guidance in relation to communicating with GP practices during the Flu season. Please click here to view this.

Further Details on the National Flu Immunisation Programme

Further to the Annual flu letter published on the 14th May 2020, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), Public Health England (PHE) and, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) have jointly published a second letter to provide further information on the national flu immunisation programme for 2020/21.

The letter highlights the risk of possible co-circulation of COVID-19 and flu this winter. As a result, it reinforces the message that the vaccination programme will be essential to reduce pressure on the health and social care system this winter.

Contractors are advised to read the national flu immunisation programme update letter in full but key points are highlighted below.

  • Eligibility criteria has been widened as announced by the Government previously;
  • aim to increase provision in the most deprived areas and BAME communities;
  • community pharmacies will be able to vaccinate both residential care/nursing home residents and staff in the home setting in a single visit;
  • providers will need to keep up-to-date with Government guidance on COVID-19;
  • DHSC has procured additional national supply of the adult vaccine; and
  • to support the increased workload, key stakeholders will be consulted on options to expand the professions able to administer vaccinations.

Read more about the newly published information