Summary Care Record

This section of the website explains how to register for and activate Summary Care Record (SCR) access in your pharmacy, and who to contact with queries or problems. See the Quality Payments section of our website for information about the SCR Quality Payment.

Registering for and going live with SCR

NHS Digital: Essential guidance and up-to-date documents

You need to visit the NHS Digital website for the most up-to-date and authoritative guidance. It has excellent, step-by-step guidance on how to register for and activate SCR in your pharmacy. It also explains how to get your smartcard authorised for SCR. The NHS Digital website is the best place to get information about SCR and links to all the key documents.

NHS Digital: Getting started with SCR from 1st April 2017

Our summary of the process

We have included a summary of the process and links to documents on this webpage but the NHS Digital website will have the most up-to-date information and documents. Download our guidance as a PDF.


  • Appoint at least one SCR Governance Person (SGP, i.e. a privacy officer) – it’s recommended you have at least two.
  • Develop SOPs for SCR use and develop/update those for related services e.g. flu vaccination and MURs. (There is a template SCR SOP here.)
  • Complete the Acceptable User Agreement. (You must do one per site.)

SCR Governance People (SGPs):

Individual users:

Getting started when you have SCR access:

  • Once SCR roles have been added to staff smartcards, go to the SCR spine portal.  Save the page in your internet favourites/bookmarks or as a desktop shortcut.
  • Then check you have access using test NHS patient numbers (not real patients) – you can get test numbers and further guidance here.


Your system must be compatible with the SCR technical requirements. If you have problems, speak to your IT support and/or pharmacy system supplier.

If you have any queries about using Summary Care Record, you can contact NHS Digital on or 0300 303 5678.

Other useful links

Registration Authority (RA) leads

These are the Current RA Contacts for queries about smartcards (last updated 11/10/2019). Roy Blair is the North West RA contact and covers Greater Manchester. RA Contacts locations


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