There are more than 230 million women around the world who want access to contraception but can’t get it. And over 25 million women each year who have to make the agonising decision to resort to unsafe abortion.

MSI specialise in abortion treatments, advice and support for women considering their pregnancy options and have a number of services available;

  • Patients do not need a GP referral to access our treatment: Patients can call us directly on 0345 300 8090. Our telephone line is open 24/7 and is free to use. Patients can call our telephone line for clinical advice, support and information about the choices available to them, we also have interpreters available.
  • We are currently offering a telemedicine service for early medical abortions: the Government recently issued temporary approval of home use for both stages of early medical abortion. Our patients will now be screened via telephone and, if they are eligible (i.e. no risks are identified), we will prescribe medication for home use. The patient will have 24/7 access to our free telephone line, where they can request specialist nurse advice where needed. Any at-risk patient with safeguarding needs will continue to be seen face-to-face in clinic with a nurse or midwife.  If you would like some more information on our telemedicine service you can take a look at our webpage.
  • Patients registered at your practice can access treatment at any of our clinics across the UK. A full list of our clinic locations can be found here: