Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

LGBT Foundation: Pride in Practice Blog

The LGBT Foundation have written a blog relating to Pride in Practice as part of LGBT History Month which runs throughout February.

Pride in Practice is a training, quality assurance and social prescribing programme free to NHS Primary Care services within Greater Manchester. It focuses on helping healthcare professionals understand the needs of the lesbian, gay bisexual and trans (LGBT) patients and feel more confident in delivering inclusive healthcare.

The blog entry highlights the importance of LGBT Healthcare, the impact that identifying as LGBT can have on someone’s health and details about how pride in practice can provide support.

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Submit your stories and experiences

Pharmacies provide regular, impartial and accessible support, which can be invaluable to LGBT people who aren’t regularly accessing their GP practice.

With this in mind, the LGBT Foundation are keen to hear from you/your teams on how you support LGBT patients. They are particularly interested in any examples where you’ve helped trans and non-binary patients access hormone treatments.

They hope that your quotes and experiences will highlight the wonderful work you’re doing for marginalised communities and promote best practice examples for pharmacy colleagues.

They are looking to gather your comments and anecdotes by the end of March and integrate them into our pharmacy resource soon after.

If you have any questions or want to submit your experiences and thoughts, please email