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The New Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) module is now live on PharmOutcomes. 

All Trusts that were previously TCAM sites, and any sites planning to go live in the future, will now be processed via this module. 

For further information please visit our DMS page

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What is TCAM?

The Transfer of Care Around Medicines (TCAM) project.

Why is TCAM important?

Medication errors contribute to admissions to hospital. There is evidence that transferring discharge information to community pharmacists when patients leave hospital can reduce re-admissions. If the community pharmacist is aware of any discrepancies, they can utilise the information to deliver care for their patients.

Where is it happening?

The TCAM project is being rolled out nationally through Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). In Greater Manchester, the project is being led by Health Innovation Manchester in collaboration with GMLPC, Acute hospitals, Local Professional Network and the CCGs.

As the project relies on communication from the hospital, the roll out is taking place by locality when the hospital is ready to transfer referrals.

TCAM Live Trusts (updated 16/03/21)

Trust  Current Status 
Royal Bolton Live (since June 2020)
Salford Royal Live (since Feb 2019)
Tameside & Glossop Live (since March 2020)
Stockport Live (since May 2020)
Wigan Live as of w/c 29/03/21
GMMH In progress
Pennine Care In progress
MFT ((MRI/Wythenshawe/Trafford) TBC
Pennine Acute TBC

Who does the information transfer between?

Information about the medication a patient is taking is transferred from the hospital to the community pharmacist at the point of discharge.

How is the information transferred?

The information is transferred from the hospital to community pharmacy electronically using the PharmOutcomes system. You will be sent an email to advise that you have a referral, or if you have a PharmAlarm (fig. 1), this will flash so that you know you have a referral waiting.

What types of patients will I get information about?

Most hospitals have chosen to transfer information about their blister pack patients so that community pharmacies can have this as soon as the patient is discharged.

This ensures the pharmacist has the information in a timely manner, rather than having to wait for the prescription to be processed at the GP surgery.

What will I need to do when I get a referral?  

When you receive a referral, you can choose to either ACCEPT or REJECT it (only reject referral if the patient does not use your pharmacy). Print the discharge letter provided as a PDF where you will find all the information to support your patient to manage their medicines.

How do I complete a referral?

To complete the referral, once the Rx has been filled, select the referral from your services dashboard and click on COMPLETE NOW.  You will be required to fill in the yellow card reporting with some additional information regarding the service you have provided to your patient. Then simply click on SAVE. Your referral is now completed.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, you may be limited for time and resources so undertaking a MUR or NMS review might not be possible.  However, in the future, there is the potential for TCAM to support new services e.g. medicines reconciliation.

How can I find out more about TCAM?

1. A Short TCAM training video is available here.

2.Demonstration of the referral process can be found below:


3. Health Innovation Manchester’s easy to follow one-page flowchart for TCAM PharmOutcomes is available here.

4. TCAM FAQ’s are available here.

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For Patients

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What do I need to do next if I need additional support?

Please contact Health Innovation Manchester support team via this email with your query including your telephone number and preferred time of call back:

Share your experiences and feedback

Health Innovation Manchester are looking for positive success stories, experiences and feedback on the TCAM service. Please email or” with your information.