PCSE Portal for NHS Supplies Ordering

About Primary Care Services England (PCSE)

Who we are

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) is the new home for the support and administrative services that exist to help primary care. We were launched in September 2015 and bring under one roof many of the services previously delivered locally or regionally. PCSE is run by Capita plc under contract to NHS England.

What we do

The support we offer ranges from key administrative and payment services to managing supplies, performer list and market entry applications through to moving medical records. We do this and more for GPs, Dentists, Opticians and Pharmacists as well as those working in the teams around them and associated disciplines.

A full list of the services we offer, and information about how these services will be changing can be found in Services.

To find out more about the services that affect you and your practice, please see Organisations.

The purpose

Creating a single home for all these services means their delivery will be consistent and can benefit from the latest technology and best practices. It will also make administration simpler for practitioners, their teams and their practices.

Pharmacy & PSCE

In terms of pharmacy contractors, PCSE (or PSC) will be the department that we call upon when we need to order NHS consumables and supplies such as the following;

FP10DT – Repeat Dispensing Tokens
FP57 – Receipt and refund of NHS Prescription Charges
FP92A- Application for Prescription charge exemption (medical)
FP95- Application for Certificate of Repayment of Prescription Charges
HC1- Claim for Help with Health Costs
HC11- Help with Health Costs
HC12- NHS charges and optical voucher values
HC5- Refund Claim
RD1- Repeat Dispensing Arrangements
RD2- Repeat Dispensing Leaflet
RE26- Prescription Pricing Envelope (PPA)
The Primary Care Support England (PCSE) has a new online portal which will be used to order such supplies.

The portal will replace the current contacts and channels you use for ordering your supplies. Over time, it will become your main route for accessing additional primary care support services.

You will need to pre-register your practice to get access to the portal. To register please click here.

You should have received a letter at your pharmacy asking for a nominated Main Contact from your organisation to register to gain access to the portal. This letter will also state your  unique identifier (this can be found under your address at the top of your letter) which will be needed for the above on-line. registration.

You will not be able to register for the portal without this  letter as this contains your unique identifier which you will need to complete the registration.

If you do not know your unique ID number or have lost the letter, please email PCSE here and put ‘Portal Unique Identifier needed’ in the subject line. You will also need to provide in the body of the email your name, your practice name, your practice address and your organisation code ODS number.

Once contractors are registered and have access to the portal we strongly advise that your team become familiar with the portal and how to use it to order your supplies. Remember to order your supplies in advance at it will take a few days for your order to be received into the pharmacy. 

PSCE Customer Support Centre contact details are 0333 014 2884. But for a quicker response we do urge contractors to email them here.

Should you have any questions about registering, please visit help.