Primary Care Networks (PCN)

The PCN domain requires contractors to be able to demonstrate that their pharmacy, and all of the other pharmacies within the PCN footprint who wish to engage with a PCN, have agreed a collaborative approach to engaging with their PCN.

This approach must include agreement on a single channel of communication by appointing a named lead representative (Pharmacy PCN Lead) for all of the community pharmacies who wish to engage with their PCN in the PCN footprint.

Click below to access PCN leads & alignment information for Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster area;

  1. PCN Structure for GP Practices in KC&W Ver.191120
  2. PCN Leads For KC&W Ver.191120

Please click here for the PSNC PCN Briefing.

Further information on the PCN domain of the PQS can be found at:

Further information, in general, on PCNs can be found at: