Dipak Nandha

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I graduated from Portsmouth in 1981, and acquired a rundown pharmacy in west London in 1985.  The pharmacy provided an early challenge for me to understand the intricacies that make for a successful pharmacy.  I take special interest in keeping abreast with my clinical knowledge and in 1996, I completed an MSc in Community Pharmacy at Kings College. The qualification helped me to forge closer ties with Ealing PCT, firstly by my role as a CHD Facilitator in 2000 and as a member of the Ealing Pharmacy Contract Implementation Group in 2005.  I ran the pharmacy for 23 colourful years, before taking a sabbatical in 2008.  In 2010 an opportunity materialised for me to become a contractor again, in Ham. I now run this pharmacy with the help of my daughter, also a pharmacist, and family.  In 2011, I became an LPC member, and have served on the Richmond Medicines Optimisation Group; currently I lead on training initiatives for Richmond.  My experience of the K&R LPC is that it always strives to work proactively to deliver the best outcome for patients, whilst protecting the interests of our contractors.