National Flu Vaccination Service 2017

Community Pharmacy Flu Vaccination Service 2017-18 

In 2016, we  worked with the LLRLMC Leicestershire Local Medical Council to ensure we have a good understanding between GP practices and Pharmacies. We would encourage you to adhere to good practice, exercise due diligence and work in accordance to the agreed Memorandum of understanding between the LPC and the LMC.

Important Notes for Contractors  LLR(September 2017)

The Flu Service is now live.

Last year; we delivered a successful flu vaccination in LLR Achieving just under 10,000 vaccinations. It’s been a great achievement and the LPC will be supporting this years campaign with a Flu and stay well in winter Pharmacy radio campaign ( starting at the end of September).I hope this year many more contractors will be delivering the flu service.

There are some important issues to take note of in the interests of providing a safe, appropriate and effective clinical service to benefit patients;

  1. Please note that Pharmoutcomes has been kindly funded by NHSE so ensure that you have access. You can send an online request for any issues regarding Pharmoutcomes or logins etc via
  2. Please ensure that you complete the Pharmoutcomes form as soon you deliver the vaccination so the GP gets an instant notification. Elsewhere in the country there have issues of patients having double vaccinations of flu due to non-communication. This is very important from a patient safety perspective.
  3. Please also ensure you that you check the patient is eligible for a flu vaccination – use SCR if required – again there have been issues raised regarding non eligible patients being vaccinated so I urge to exercise vigilance on this matter to prevent this occurrence.
  4. I attach the MOU which was agreed between the LMC and the LPC to prevent issues between GP practice and CP. I would encourage you to check that the patient has not already booked an appointment with the practice and ensure that patient choice is the foremost consideration.  Please ensure you read it and take note as it’s important we maintain good relationships with our local GP practices for the long term.
  5. If you have any concerns/ issues regarding flu service – please email or contact the LPC in the first instance.

Key Points of consideration for delivery;

  1. Please see the attached PSNC briefing ( which guides you on preparing for the service)
  2. Please print and read the directions, service specification and PGD carefully before delivering the service
  3. Please ensure you have completed up to date required flu training and certificate available
  4. Please complete the declaration of competence on CPPE website
  5. Please order your flu vaccinations in advance
  6. Please ensure you have access to pharmoutcomes
  7. Please register with the BSA to register your intent to provide the service
  8. Link :
  9. All documents relating to the flu are on the PSNC website :
  10. PSNC have also produced a video to watch to help prepare for the flu service :
  11. Also consider consultation room and vaccine storage
  12. Consider marketing and advertising/ booking appointments;
  13. All template letters, leaflets and posters in multiple languages and flyers are available in the above link.

PSNC Briefings Flu Service 2017

Directions, service specifications and Flu PGD



National Flu Vaccination Service starts in september  – are you ready? : PSNC Main site

here’s a reminder of all the things that community pharmacy contractors must have done prior to providing the service.You must have:

  • a Standard Operating Procedure (detailing all the requirements of the amended Directions) and a needle stick injury procedure in place, and have ensured all staff involved in the service have received appropriate training in regards to these procedures;
  • ensured your consultation room meets the requirements specified in the service specification;
  • notified NHS England of your intention to begin providing the service by completing the notification form available on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) website – This must be done annually therefore even if a contractor provided the service in 2015/16 they must complete this sign-up process again;
  • ensured all pharmacists providing the service from your pharmacy are competent to do so, which includes them having completed the Declaration of Competence for the service and therefore having signed a copy of the Patient Group Direction, which is also signed by the Authorising Manager;
  • advised pharmacists providing the service that they should consider being vaccinated against hepatitis B and have advised them of the risks if they decided not to be vaccinated; and
  • an anaphylaxis pack available in the pharmacy and have ensured that staff know where this is and what to do if a patient has an anaphylactic reaction (an anaphylaxis card is available on the PSNC website which can be kept by the phone to guide staff on calling an ambulance if a patient has an anaphylactic reaction to a vaccination).

It is also recommended the following are completed before commencing delivery of the service.

You should have:

  • ensured all members of the team have reviewed the paperwork for the service so they understand what needs to be completed;
  • ensured all members of the team have reviewed the IT platform for recording patient questionnaire details so they can help patients use this (if, for example, being used on a tablet device in the pharmacy), explain to patients how to use it if they choose to access the IT platform at another time or so team members can input data directly from paper copies of the patient questionnaire;
  • printed copies of:
    • the Record & Consent Form (please note, if you are using a web-based platform such as PharmOutcomes or Sonar to record patient details you will not need to print blank copies of the consent form as the systems will allow you to print copies with the patient details pre-populated which can then be used to obtain patient consent);
    • the GP Practice Notification Form (this is not required if you are using a web-based platform to notify GPs);
    • the Patient Questionnaire (for patients who choose to fill in the questionnaire on paper rather than using the IT platform available from NHS England); and
  • have made arrangements for the removal and safe disposal of any clinical waste related to the provision of the service.



Resources and Links (2017)


Pharmoutcomes letter to pharmacies – Final 180816

PSNC contractor checklist for flu delivery

further FAQ and information are available at the following link on the PSNC website

Resources, Links and ordering free flu vaccination posters and materials

PNSC have links to all posters, templates letters and leaflets in different languages etc and links to PHE and Pharma support material websites

Flu vaccination Promotion materials

 These are all available on the PNSC website at :

 These include posters, briefings, flyers, letter templates and links to free Pharma order portals as well

Some of the key ones are here  – the psnc links also contain other languages leaflets and some resources are being updated for 2017-18 campaign





Another free site :

Public Health England Resources can be ordered for free;


Public Health England flu leaflet: who should have it this winter and why (2017)

Public Health England flu leaflet for people with learning disability (2016)

Public Health England easy read flu leaflet (2016)

Public Health England flu leaflet for pregnant women (2015)

Copies of these leaflets can be ordered from the Health and Social Care Publications Orderline or by phoning 0300 123 1002 and quoting the reference numbers on the back pages of the leaflets.


Flu Resources and Posters to order for FREE ( click , register and order or download resources ) 


dmu training for flu vaccination


– in all cases counselling should be provided in relation to ongoing contraception and STI’

Flu training

LLR contract Pharmacists providing the Flu Vaccination Service need to attend face-to-face training for both injection technique and basic life support training every two years.

Contractors have delivered flu successfully last year and I encourage you to start preparing for the flu season coming up in September.

There are a number of flu training providers who can provide flu training, online refresher and private pgds locally to LLR ; here are some examples

Please note this list is not exhaustive and the LPC do not endorse any provider – we have collated the information for your reference and consideration.  

Flu training provider Location Website link/attachment
ECG training Various


De Montfort university LLR 9th july and 10th September

See attachment


Buttercups Nottingham/various

See attachment


RX advisor



6th august 2017


Avicenna LLR 10th august

See attachment