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 Endorsement Guidance Quick Reference Endorsement Guidance   Endorsement, Specials, Instalment dispensing ,Broken Bulk Out of Pocket , EPS
 Community Pharmacy News  Community Pharmacy News  PSNC’s monthly magazine, Community Pharmacy News, focuses on issues of importance to NHS Community Pharmacy Contractors
QP Guidance

Quality Payment Guidance LLR -revised llr lkandula

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Link to national  PSNC guidance for QP

Quality Payments


NHSE  PSNC and LLR guidance
NHS Choices Guidance QP NHS Choices guidance Updating How to update NHS choices Guidance with screenshots
NHS DOS QP Quality Payment DOS FAQ DOS FAQ Quality Payment
LLR end of month endorsement guide

end of month submission checklist


preventing losses in your Pharmacy
 Services and Commissioning  services and commissioning  Essential, Advanced Services (MUR/NMS), Local Services
 Funding and Statistics  Payment to contractors – essential and advanced services
 Contract and IT  Contract and IT  Contract monitoring and ETP
 Check34  Check34 Toolkit A new online system to help community pharmacy contractors to analyse the prescription data they receive every month from the Pricing Authority launched by the PSNC and NPA
 Direction of Prescriptions  Direction of Prescriptions direction of prescriptions guidance and resources which assures patients that they are free to choose any pharmacy they would like to use for the dispensing of prescriptions.
 Medicines Optimisation Dashboard  Medicines optimisation dashboard  A tool for  CCGs and HCP’s  to understand how well their local populations are being supported, to optimise medicines use and inform local planning developed by NHSE and RPS
 Healthcare Landscape  The Healthcare Landscape  to Inform pharmacy contractors and LPCs of developments in the wider health and care landscape and its impact on community pharmacy.
Accessible Information Standard Community-Pharmacy_Accessible-Information-Standard_April-2016 Guidance on becoming compliant to the proposed standards – a joint application from PSNC/ Pharmacy Voice
Removal of Repeat ordering from CP Management-of-repeat-medication_PV-Position_Feb-2016 Pharmacy Voice statement and recommendations for repeat ordering removal from community pharmacy
 RPS Faculty  Faculty Handbook A4 Printed A handbook to support recognition, professional development and benchmarking through developing a portfolio for assessment and accreditation. great resource to develop your career
Funding Cuts Presentation from Keith Ridge and Sue Sharpe – January 2016 Funding Cuts Event Sue Sharpe Keith Ridge Master Slides The Future of Pharmacy Exhibition and Summit
Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Community Pharmacy Forward View



The Community Pharmacy Forward View  sets out the sector’s ambitions to radically enhance and expand the personalised care, support and well-being services that community pharmacies provide.  In the scenarios outlined in the report, pharmacy teams would be fully integrated with other local health and care services in order to improve quality and access for patients, increase NHS efficiency and produce better health outcomes for all
PV_PSNC Repeat Ordering Removal – August 2016 PV_PSNC_Rpt Meds_FAQ_Aug 2016

Pharmacy Voice has worked with PSNC to issue a briefing on Frequently Asked Questions about repeat medication services. This has been produced in response to a growing number of plans emerging around the country to introduce measures that restrict community pharmacies from requesting repeat prescriptions on behalf of patients.

The briefing is designed to support constructive local discussions by shedding light on pharmacy processes and outlining issues to be taken into consideration for the most talked about proposals that CCGs have put forward – the “Coventry model” and the “Luton model”. Importantly, it highlights the benefits of the existing Repeat Dispensing service which is currently available within the national contract.