CD Management and NHS England Contacts

CD Management and NHSE  Contact Details

Reporting of all CD incidents and concerns

All CD incidents, irregularities with the dispensing or prescribing of controlled drugs, concerns must be reported.This includes instances where pharmacists are concerned at levels of CD prescribing.

Destruction of expired Schedule 2 controlled drugs

Expired pharmacy CD stocks must be destroyed and witnessed by a person authorised by the CDAO (unless your pharmacy is part of a multiple chain, who can authorise their own witnesses). To arrange for an authorised witness for the destruction of expired Schedule 2 controlled drugs, please contact

New email address for the reporting of all CD incidents and concerns :

CD reporting

Please ensure you report CD incidents via the online reporting tool.

There have been cases in the community where Pharmacies have not submitted reports on CD errors.

Please remember to register via the web link if you have not done so already.

Tutorial videos are available on tutorials/

  1. 3. CD destruction requests

Please note ; CD destruction requests must be made online via the online CD reporting tool

CD destruction requests are now made via the Online CD Reporting Tool. Reminders for CD destruction requests will not be sent through the post. It will be up to individual contractors to manage the safe storage of their out of date or damaged stock CDs and to request a destruction visit when appropriate.

Key Contacts

NHS England Central   Midlands  Controlled Drug Support Team

 NHS England Central Midlands

Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer / Head of Pharmacy

 Bhavisha Pattani  0113 824 8257

 Controlled Drugs Support Team

Tina Goudie

Medicines Governance Pharmacist (Fosse House)

0113 824 9602

 Amit Dawda

Pharmacy Programme Manager (Fosse House)

0113 8249596

 Gillian Castanha

Pharmaceutical Prescribing Technician (Fosse House)

0113 8070457

 Kay Jones


(Fosse House)

0113 824 9614

 Tania Faria

LPN Administrator

(Fosse House)

0113 824 8678

Email address for communication with the CDAO Team :

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