For Professionals: Locally Commissioned Services

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Continuously improving the quality of care we give patients and improving the outcomes of their treatment is the core purpose of the new NHS commissioning system



This Section provides useful links and resources for commissioned services in your locality.

Many services provided by community pharmacists are commissioned locally according to the needs of the area. Locally commissioned community pharmacy services can be contracted via a number of different routes and by different commissioners. These include:

  • Local Authorities ‘Councils’ (LAs) using their Public Health teams
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • NHS England Regions (for our locality: NHS England – Midlands)

As a result of commissioning, a written document, often incorporating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be agreed between the parties. (From 1st April 2014 however, CCGs commissioning community services are required to use the NHS Standard Contract.

For more information please refer to the PSNC website: