Contract – Alcohol Risk Reduction (Leicestershire County Public Health)


Service contracted by Any Qualified Provider procurement process

Duration of Contract: 1st October 2014 to 31st March 2016


Aims and objectives of the Service

The Alcohol Risk Reduction service forms part of a wider substance misuse early intervention and treatment system. The service is targeted at individuals who may be drinking at levels causing harm and who attend  primary healthcare services (GP practices and community pharmacists). The healthcare professional will identify those drinking at increasing risk and higher risk using the AUDIT-C validated screening tool and provide brief advice. Where appropriate, referral into a specialist treatment service will be made. If there are any concerns regarding eligibility (for example women who are or planning to become pregnant or young people under 18) advice should be sought from the specialist treatment service. The service is available to individuals aged 16 and above who are normally resident within Leicestershire County or Rutland County.


Eligibility & Training to provide the service

To be eligible to participate in the Alcohol Risk Reduction community based service, the contractor must:

  • Provide a discreet location in which to deliver the service that provides dignity and privacy to the individual
  •  Ensure that staff delivering the service have completed the Alcohol Learning Centre, Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice e-learning training form   (‘topics’ then IBA). Evidence may be required by commissioners
  • Keep an accurate electronic record of activity and interventions
  • Where possible agree to follow up with a second full AUDIT each individual offered brief advice and/or referral 6 months following the initial full AUDIT for the purpose of monitoring effectiveness and outcome of the intervention
  • Ensure that their services are properly led and supervised both clinically and managerially

The training requirement for the delivery of the alcohol risk reduction scheme is completion of an alcohol e-learning module:

Claiming payment

This Service has been procured through the Any Qualified Provider route and is a private commercial contractual arrangement between the Service Commissioners and the successful pharmacies that have been awarded the bid.


Swanswell 0300 303 5000
Alcohol Learning Centre
NHS Change4Life
Drink Aware Campaign


Further Information

Debra Cunningham Senior Public Health Lead
Debbi Langham Business Support Manager 0116 305 2690