– EHC Services, C Card & Sexual Health Signposting (Leicester City Public Health)


The Authority must exercise a number of health service functions set out in section 2B of the NHS Act 2006 and the Local Authorities (Public Health Functions and Entry to Premises by Local Healthwatch Representatives) Regulations. In order to satisfy these obligations the Authority has issued an agreement between the participating community pharmacies and Leicester City Council for the provision of community based EHC services in Leicester City, Leicestershire County & Rutland for patients aged 15- 24 years.

EHC Service Description

The Community Pharmacy will provide Levonelle to women under 24 years of age who request this and where it is clinically appropriate and, when providing this service to provide clients with information relating to contraception, pregnancy testing sites and local sexual health services / pathways.

The aim of this service is to reduce unintended pregnancy and improve sexual health service specification for the provision of a ‘Community Pharmacy Based Service’ for Emergency Hormonal Contraception to women under 24 by:

  • Providing free Emergency Hormonal Contraception to young women in Leicester in line with requirements of the locally agreed PGD
  • Providing sexual health support and advice to clients accessing the service including onward signposting to other sexual health services
  • Increasing the knowledge, especially among young people, of the availability of emergency contraception and contraception from pharmacies
  • Increasing the knowledge of risks associated with STIs
  • Strengthening the local network of contraceptive and sexual health services to help ensure easy and swift access to advice
  • Providing Levonelle to women under 25 years of age who request this and where it is clinically appropriate and, when providing this service to supply six condoms and specified information.

Training requirements

  • The contractor must satisfy the Local Authority that pharmacists providing this service have attended the organised training events the community pharmacy must satisfy the Local Authority that pharmacists are appropriately trained to provide the community based service.
  • Each individual pharmacist offering this community based service, (for and on behalf of a pharmacy contractor), must be fully trained with accreditation recognised by the Local Authority.
  • In addition to the above training, individual accredited pharmacists must every three years attend a refresh session organised by the Local Authority and keep up to date with changes in clinical practice including the medications and regulations that may impact upon this service to ensure that they are able to provide the most up to date and effective service.
  • The community pharmacist delivering the service must have completed appropriate training to enable them to provide medication using a Patient Group Direction.
  • Up to date certificates of competency must be maintained and copies may be requested by the Local Authority.
  • The pharmacy must have an accredited confidential and private consultation area (as per MUR requirements)
  • The contractor will ensure appropriate training for staff which may include the
  • attendance at training events organised by the Local Authority


New EHC PGD for Leicester City, Leicestershire County and Rutland – April 2018


EHC PGD Leicester City, Leicestershire County & Rutland Revised-Levonelle-PGD-FINAL for city and county review 2018
EHC SLA Leicester City 28131-Service-Spec-2015-19
EHC SLA  Leicestershire County 135226-Service-Spec-2015 county
C CARD Scheme – signposting patients – LLR Sexual Health Services http://www.leicestersexualhealth.nhs.uk/under-24/chlamydia-screening/
C Card Scheme – order forms and info for HCP’s – LLR Sexual Health Services http://www.leicestersexualhealth.nhs.uk/professionals/resources/
Sexual Health Signposting and other Resources  http://psnc.org.uk/leicestershire-and-rutland-lpc/public-health-llr-ehc-and-chlamydia-campaign/

Claiming payment – Leicester City Public Health

The Pharmacy claim form must be received by Leicester City Council monthly by the 10th of each month. Forms submitted more than TWO months in arrears will NOT be processed

Forms should be return to:

Contract and Assurance Officer(Public Health), Leicester City Council,  1st Floor, Bosworth House, 9-15 Princess Road West, Leicester, LE1 6TH

Leicester City Council – 115 Charles Street Leicester LE1 1FZ

Liz Rodrigo Public Health Principal 0116 454 2029 Liz.Rodrigo@Leicester.gov.uk

Claiming Payment – Leicestershire Public Health

Claimed via CBS claim system – for any queries or issues contact:

Shaun Tweed

Finance and admin support officer

Public Health G58 Leicestershire County Council, County Hall , Glenfield LE3 8TV

Tel : 0116 3037705

email: publichealthclaims@leics.gov.uk

email: shaun.tweed@leics.gov.uk

List of  Pharmacies providing the service 

Contact Details for LLR Sexual Health Promotion and C Card Scheme

Jo Fores – Senior Lead Prevention and Promotion Programme – Leicester Sexual Health

Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust – tel 0116 295 7030/0116 295 7822

service switchboard – 0300 124 0102

St Peters Health Centre , Sparkenhoe Street Leicester LE2 0TA

For patients:

Sexual Health services in LLR for patients

Updated December 2016