TCAM: Referral Performance

The Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust is now sharing TCAM performance data for community pharmacies completing TCAM referrals


Patients who would benefit from support with their medicines following discharge from hospital are able to nominate which pharmacy they wish their hospital discharge summary information to be shared with.

The NHS Trust is now sharing TCAM Performance updates (shown in the table below) with regard to:

  • Number of patient referrals made
  • Number of patient referrals still awaiting completion
  • Number of patient referrals completed by pharmacies (Target 85%)

Further documents explaining all about TCAM and why it is so important, together with a useful ‘user guide’ on how to successfully complete a referral via PharmOutcomes can be read on the following LLR LPC website page:

TCAM Performance updates:

  • with data listed month by month (most recent month at top)
12th October 2020 TCAM Hospital referrals 2020.10